Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Post

Bored, so decided to post some stuff..

Let's start with my absolutely awful luck with ENMs!

Killing it as RDM takes me forever compared to BLM (17minutes vs. 5 minutes). Many more ENMs I didn't take SS off, but they were all the same drops, so whatever. Last good drop I got was back in September 2007, and I solo this ENM every 5 days...

Finally had some good luck in salvage:

That was like my 40th+ Arrapago run and first time seeing the coat, so yay for that. Managed to win lot with a crappy low 200s~ vs Maew and Darkk. So yay me! Also got Deimos's Cuirass 5minutes later for Thano.

We both have our 15s already, so decided to have some fun with LBC on our next run. Unfortunately, we timed out at 4%. Took way too long clearing gears/etc... Went back the next day and destroyed him though!

Only needed 1, so wasn't a horrible drop. Thano's now 3/3, just needs her ingots! We had like 30mins left at the end of that run, but it was so late(like past 1 AM...), so we were just rushing to the boss. Everyone was kind of busy this week, so we aren't planning on doing another till Monday. I got all my ingots ready too, just need LBC to be nice!

So many people in sky recently. I swear like there's a group of people there camping some NMs everytime I search the zone. So much for making some easy gil off sky. Still managed to kill Zip a few times though:

A few LS were watching me which I hate because I always feel like I'm going to mess up and die. Sold for 170k~ so still pretty good money, since it's a guaranteed drop, and only like a 30minute kill.

Tired of sea so haven't gone back there. I'm like 0/21 on Ix'MNK cape, and deeds don't sell very well at all. Takes me like 4 hours to get an HQ organ, another 1hour to find and kill the ix'aern, only to get nothing anyway.

Had some really bad luck recently in limbus; let's have the vortex pop after 6 mobs on the first two floors! Timed out 2 runs in a row and got annoyed. None of the mobs even dropped a coin, so -60k for me! Decided to help Thano get her nin AF+1 items. Had the same problem with NW, had to kill 6 ghosts, and ALL the buffaloes, 5 bugards. Didn't get the win, but managed to get he nin item from the chest, as well as like 30+coins, so wasn't bad. Did Temenos North next. Was really easy trio, could have cleared easily as NIN MNK RDM. Got to the last floor with 10minutes left, but I messed up and was weakened, and we were doing salvage right after so didn't want to waste our 2hours. Oh well, good practice if I ever decide to join some limbus shell again.

Anyway no more SS so that ends the first entry!