Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spending money is fun!

I've been spamming ISNMs a lot. Got a lucky a few times!

Think I'm averaging about 1 ore per week, which isn't bad. The price just seems to keep going up and up. The SSR fix is finishing a lot of Usukane Haramakis, except Arc's of course...

Did SSR with a shout! No turtle drop, and no GG1 drop.

Sandy took over La Vaule this week (thank you JPs!). I actually wish I was able to contribute in the takeover, but you can really only make a different in the last 12hours (so 11PM-11AM est Saturday night to Sunday morning), doing anything at another time of the week will be futile since the beastmen will just recover.

It was our first time doing it since the ninja patch where all the Orc minions continue to aggro and assist the boss, even if you pull it to the gate. We used the recommended manaburn strategy, and almost every other group that I saw also used to similar strategy.

We had 5 or 6 people per fight. RDM/BLMx2 and BLM/RDMx3-4. One RDM focuses on sleeping the 3 helper Orcs, while the other RDM assists the BLMs in killing the boss.

I was on sleeping duty for all the fights. Pretty simple to keep them all slept, except for the PLD (Gorepledge Rozzbrezz or something). The mobs will always assist the boss; sometimes they would try and hit me when they woke up, but more often then not they would run to whoever the boss' target was. I just Sleepga1>individually sleep2>. Silencing the blms helps, so it doesn't cast any annoying spells. I also kept the PLD gravityed, in case it resisted sleep.

BLM/RDMs take turns ES gravitying and own it. Use thunder only. We opened with a timed burst 2 at the start.

We got 3 mantles and 0 sashes in like.. 10 runs? Something like that!

Arc's angelwing fails!

And mantle!

Thano, Darkk, and Arc all bought a mantle from us so fast sales!

We did Gurf for Breaze! Was an interesting fight... Stole some of Mara's pics:

The trip there!

Gurf waiting for us to kill him!

At about 40%, two of the normal Trolls from below somehow linked, and it ended up being a huge mess. We somehow managed to pull through.

In the middle of all the chaos, I somehow got a shield skill up (on WHM no less..)

Got a little rough below 20% with that annoying Pleidas Ray move; both Mara and I died, and it was a slow fight with just 1 SMN as a dd. But it finally died!

Thoughts on the fight overall: it was extremely laggy since we had gurf, 4 trolls, and 18 people cramped into this tiny little corner. At the end of the fight someone suggested that we should've pulled the adds down near the gate to Gurf wsa. That would've helped A LOT.

Also, having all our dds dc and not come back except for our SMN dragged out the fight far too long.

Breaze gave us a Tinnin pop as a reward for killing Gurf.

Smooth if boring fight.

Decent drops finally! Our last couple of Tinnins were terrible. Krosis haxed and got the harness.

Krosis claims he has terrible luck, yet coupled with the harness win, him and Sengir are guess what...

2/2 on haguns! They have terrible luck, really!

My own drop! Woo!

X's knife is just getting ridiculous. We have finally put the no drop phase behind us, but now we keep getting everything BUT the stupid knife.

Think everyone of us has a trident/scythe now.

I also hold the record for the bc now!

Dynamis has been nice. We've been spamming cities forever now though, and even worse is that were going to have to repeat 2 of the cities since like 2 of our new recruits missed getting the win. Except were not doing that until after we get the beauc win, then a xarc farm. So it'll be pretty much: beauc win> xarc>city>city>beauc win again>xarc.

I don't think any of these people are worth redoing wins for, but whatever. Maybe we won't do cities for another 3months.

Sandy was finally nice and dropped my PUP feet though!

Had a funny wipe in Sandy though. The SMN orc that charms somehow got it off through our timed nuke. Pretty much everyone was charmed, and everyone that wasn't was killed.

It decided to take us back to it's spawn area. Once we got there, we uncharmed, and his avatar immediately Astral Flowed us, instantly killing everyone.

I thought it was pretty funny. Well worth the death.

Redid the Feiyin ACP fight for Hogie. As we were collecting our key items, Cassie was randomly up.

We killed it! And got nothing, oh well.

Thano cheated and got the earring I wanted !

Pet MAB +2 :( At least she has SMN now!

Only thing I got was a gold thread :(.

I finished the last of my Beadeaux SCNM set with Hogie.

Zekka! Which was a nice duo, much faster. No torque though.

And the stupid DRK that I hate so much. So annoying when it switches modes mid nuke!

I joined dryroot's einherjar shell. I couldn't make Terror's times 100% anymore, and it was getting annoying that I was always late rushing to dynamis on Tuesday. Terror is nice though, so hopefully his shell does well.

Overall dryroot's runs are much smoother though, so that's nice. First run was a tier2! We got a flan or custard boss. It just spams the most random -ga spells, like the imp ZNM.

It's Thundaga4 that managed to get off didn't seem to do much damage though. I thought the average would've been like 800-900. Kind of weak 300-400.

An imp wootz ingot dropped! But I immediately passed everything because I didn't think it would be free lot. So lame!

Next run was a tier3. Started off with annoying soulflayers.

Took like, 15 minutes to clear them, but at least no wipe.

Marids next!

Then bats!

Only had like, 90seconds for the boss which was KB.

I remember reading about it. It like spams emotes/meteors. I was going to chainspell curaga2, except I had no mp, and while I was converting, meteor hit me-_- Even though I ran really far back, so dumb!

Think we got it to like 40%ish before time out, oh well.

LS did Shen randomly.

Killed it in like 45seconds, but it killed me first :(

1128 damage and a delevel :(

We did Ouryu too! Went pretty well. My evoker gave me a bhide too!

Easy fight! Pretty good times since it was our first attempt as an LS.

And ending with more limbus!

And a good omega drop finally!

Used all my gil and bought a second toreador's ring. Thano was talking about not wanting to ever go below 5M, and I'm like, as long as I can afford a silverpiece to jeuno, I'm good!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I win! 4559 deaths! Not many people can top that!

Arc totally cheated and got himself a Kupofried's ring...

I'll probably try every week if it resets at conquest. All 11 were found in like 20minutes so...

I've been meriting a lot lately; as COR of course. Let's start with a good PT I had!

Knitefall WAR
Shidobu DRG
Ryu MNK (full usu!)

I came in 3rd! Barely edging out Knite. Also was 87% acc, which was just barely lower than Dobu.

Now for some sub-par DD parties!

Ghandi DRG
Vaati SAM
Singiemens DRG

Seriously, Singiemens had 70% ACC as a DRG. What is wrong with people! Came in second after Ghandi. Pretty sad party..


Yana WAR/NIN (Polearm)
Sayiaman SAM/RNG (don't ask!)

Was a weird pt. The war would've done A LOT better if he TPed in hauby instead of ares (hello ACC! what's wrong with everyone..)

I had a few other gimp parties as well. I think I'm going to start checking melee before we head to camp, and kicking them if they fail. Or leaving if I'm not leader.


Mass hate for Krosis time. I got tired of hearing him complain about his pathetic 20k wallet, so I encouraged him to try some ENMs with Sengir. Pretty much all the lvl75 ones, and Toreador's ring can be done duo. Well, they decided to do Boneyard Gully at the same time as our X's Knife run and of course:

They go 1/1! And I'm 0/143190 :( Yes I'm jealous/complaining!

Here's my first real drop in a while, spamming every 5 days:

Go Cloud Evoker?

Also to continue on the Krosis-hate train: his first rampart run netted him a usu35, as well as SIX bee spawns. And the run before it gave him a skadi leg 35.

Ok, so enough of hating on Krosis. Did a few salvage runs, primarily SSR. No drop on Dekka or GG1 or CC.

Dobu scored though a Hammerblow drop:

It's kind of funny/sad, he might hit 5/5 usu before Arc.

Did a few ISNMs hoping for some quick change, but of course not.

Cursed! I have so much IS to waste though, over 200k.

ANNM was fun. No good drops though. Here's the Jugner Gnole owning me with Asuran Claws.

My only source of income lately has been Limbus. We did three omegas this week (Sunday>Thursday>Sunday), with some ok drops.

Can't go without a double head drop though:

We've been taking every path to the extreme lowman, which is nice. I pretty much refuse to bring more than 6 people to omega, unless they're an odd man out.

Darkk and I had a really close NE run, we messed up so many times, but manged to pull it off with 30seconds left!

Stamos invited me to repeat Fei'Yin ACP where I got this lovely earring. Go ACC-.

Einherjar has been decent. Have been getting full ampoules. However, some of the pulls are just ridiculous, which casues us to have deaths, and then subsequently time out on the boss.

Somehow they linked the ENTIRE bat wave!

Which then time out on this dragon:

We did get a rematch though, and won with just 24 people (compared to our previous 32)

I'm 2 runs away from 15k, but still not sure what to buy...

Ending with Thano accidently tossing her pearl, causing the LS to break..

Remade it with the same name! But couldn't get the color quite right. Oh well!