Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh start!

So in LS news, it's been rather frustrating lately. A bunch of people quit the game recently, and then a few others left the linkshell. Most of the people that remain hate the game and go /emo that they have to log on. At the start of every event, I'd basically have to ask Thano to start sending mass texts reminding everyone to log on. Then they would log on and talk about how much they hate doing events, and rather would be playing xyz game.

It was like we were begging people to come to events that were for them. It started becoming so ridiculous. It wasn't that we didn't have the numbers to do stuff (everything can be done lowman at this point anyway), it's just that nobody wanted to.

After thinking about, we decided it would be better to go back how the LS was before it was officially an "LS": just a bunch of people that enjoyed each others company and actually liked logging on/doing stuff. I'm calling it a "social" since there aren't really going to be set weekly times for stuff anymore. Just more like we'll help each other out. If someone needs a novio, we can go do sea for a bit. If someone needs a ZNM item, we can go do that. No need to deal with people that hate FFXI/the LS!

Boring stuff aside! Update is tomorrow, so I figured I'd do a quick update on stuff I've done!

Started the subjob grind.

And finished 3 of them: NIN, SAM, and RNG!

MMM makes this pretty simple. Average run takes 20-25mins at level 37-50, and the end chest gives you this usually:

This doesn't include the 1.5k~ or so you get from killing the mobs up to the final chest, and no exp rings either.

I think MMM has started to finally become popular among the non-JP population. It's really nice to have an instanced exp camp at a convenient location. The main downside is that because of the nature of MMM, people will tend to take a few minute breaks in between runs. These slowly add up. Add in the occasional "Hands of darkness prevent you from entering" when trading your maze to waste even more time in between runs, and you can end up wasting tons of time. It'll never end up being really great at a merit level compared to the smooth, constant exp of a traditional camp, but before that it works really well.

We did a few KS99 runs. Arc somehow managed to trigger flail...and then be out of range?

I didn't get very good drops at all!

My bad luck spilled over into Odin which resulted in another no Ebody drop!

Though I did win the freelot Pbody!

My WAR doesn't need ebody to beat everyone in a parse though! Had a decent merit party finally and take a look at the parse!

I win! Even though Riki was using great katana instead of polearm, it doesn't matter! I still win!

Also had an embarrassing (for the other DD) party on COR. Really wish I could find a party with solid DD that won't AFK constantly...

Oh, and I did this too:

Going to miss my Tamas!

I did some dynamis for the first time in about 8-9months. Just as boring/long as I remember it being. I died too! Byebye capped BLM exp!

We did a fragment though, and I got to play WAR! Wasn't really that exciting of a zerg, it was over in like 5 seconds. I don't think half the melee even had the chance to WS.

Another 5 man omega. I think we killed it in 10minutes since we were lazy to farm chips... I forgot to take a screenshot, but the usual 100% head dropped!

Really excited to do new stuff tomorrow actually, I can't decide what I want to do first! I think I'll end up going with missions, since Odin/Alex will have potentially long lines!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I am the best WAR on Leviathan.

My 3 day plan to get WAR75 worked! Not everyone was so supportive though! It's all just jealousy! Everyone knows I'm the best WAR on Leviathan!

Literally just stalked the tunnel, and convinced anyone that was SMN burning that it was in their best interest to let me afkleech exp!

After spending my little adventure in the tunnel, all I can say is people need to relax. I've never seen so much drama/whining/emo over something so silly. Tunnel is taken? Tough luck. Nobody owns the tunnel, just like nobody owns any other exp camp in the game. If you can't deal with the competition, go summoner burn somewhere else.

I had to merit on WAR to finish capping my gaxe skill! I did a fairly decent job considering my skill was gimp!

At least I didn't unlock King's Justice in a merit! I'm not that gimp!

Doing Nyzul for the weapon was more challenging that I thought it would be. Took three tries just to win the run, and had this wipe at 1%.

Cerb is tough to do in random pickups usually. Ironically when I convinced people in the LS to help, we got the much easier Hydra...

More Einherjar/Odin!

A random tier1 dropped Hfeet!

Still no sign of KB. Hydra continues with its 99.99999999% pop rate! I guess most people would be happy with easy tier3s, but KB looks fun!

Rizko tried to get me kicked before Odin! Not very nice. I'm still going with everyone being jealous of how awesome I am!

Odin was a little messier than usual, and we almost wiped! No ebody for me, sad times!

Started on my quest for N.hands. No linkshell would sell me the abj, so I went to jeuno and bought some overpriced triggers, then put together a random group to kill Byakko!

Horrible drops!

I figured I'd try farming for my next Byakko attempt, and got pretty lucky.

Diorite on the first kill!

Despot took an hour to pop, but at least we got it and not the competing linkshells!

Second fight was much smoother, and actually had some nice drops!

Yay nhands for me!

I still haven't tossed my Tamas yet. I know how much better rajas is, so it really should be an easy decision. Maybe once I get ebody!

Moving on, did tons of sea recently.

Fortitude finally dropped his torque, and I haxed the lot! Hasn't dropped since!

Have also been spamming Faith for Breaze's torque. Using a MNK straight tank strategy is a lot easier/faster. I remember trying it this way like 2 years ago, and it was a little more challenging. The WHM update has made it significantly easier though, as well as just better geared monks in general.

Had some better torque luck with the other Jailers though. Wish we could trade this Temperance torque for something else!

Two hope torques back to back(with no TH)!

Yay justice torque!

I despise Ix'DRG. Not only does it like to take hours to pop, but we had an unlucky(or lucky..) streak where several capes in a row dropped. I think everyone in LS has a cape now, that would want one anyway.

All the Ix'DRGs capped my BLM buffer! First time ever!

Did a few prudences with the deeds that took forever to drop.

And I win the torque! Yay me again!

I hate Scid.

I hate Scid even more.

I really hate Scid.

Do you hate Scid now too?

More fomors! Finally got some drops.

Had a particularly bad Lugh, but it was nice enough to drop feet finally!

I stole the feet! Greedy taru go!

Hagun ENM has been blah.

Not even a galateia!

Random ACP7 shout. I was surprised when the JPs asked me to go WAR, maybe it will have a use!

Lame earring, tossed!

More limbus!

Omega is starting to not be worth it anymore with our ridiculous 100% Omega's eye drop rate.

Decent drops I guess! Would've preferred a body in there though.

Random FoV augment! Pretty cool for Slug Shot I think!

This guy's seacom made me laugh. JP ONLY to a new level?!

That's that! Next update soon, once I get my pretty new avatars!