Friday, April 15, 2011

Has everyone quit?!

I've been so lazy to play lately. There really just isn't much to do online. The last time we received new content was way back in December, and the new update won't be here until May.

I think most people are feeling the same way. Every time I log on, usually I'm the only person online! Sometimes Sedna or Breaze are around, but that's about it. Even people that I used to casually talk to/do stuff with have disappeared!

Ironically, people that quit a few months (or years) ago have returned! Namely: Rotaru (yay) and the some of the old echo crew (Gnik, Ceri, Deadstar)!

Look at the lsmes from 2009!

Anyway, if you're still around and see me online send me a tell! Or send me a message on ffxiah! Would be cool to know who I can manipulate into getting me all the new gear when the new update arrives!