Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I win! 4559 deaths! Not many people can top that!

Arc totally cheated and got himself a Kupofried's ring...

I'll probably try every week if it resets at conquest. All 11 were found in like 20minutes so...

I've been meriting a lot lately; as COR of course. Let's start with a good PT I had!

Knitefall WAR
Shidobu DRG
Ryu MNK (full usu!)

I came in 3rd! Barely edging out Knite. Also was 87% acc, which was just barely lower than Dobu.

Now for some sub-par DD parties!

Ghandi DRG
Vaati SAM
Singiemens DRG

Seriously, Singiemens had 70% ACC as a DRG. What is wrong with people! Came in second after Ghandi. Pretty sad party..


Yana WAR/NIN (Polearm)
Sayiaman SAM/RNG (don't ask!)

Was a weird pt. The war would've done A LOT better if he TPed in hauby instead of ares (hello ACC! what's wrong with everyone..)

I had a few other gimp parties as well. I think I'm going to start checking melee before we head to camp, and kicking them if they fail. Or leaving if I'm not leader.


Mass hate for Krosis time. I got tired of hearing him complain about his pathetic 20k wallet, so I encouraged him to try some ENMs with Sengir. Pretty much all the lvl75 ones, and Toreador's ring can be done duo. Well, they decided to do Boneyard Gully at the same time as our X's Knife run and of course:

They go 1/1! And I'm 0/143190 :( Yes I'm jealous/complaining!

Here's my first real drop in a while, spamming every 5 days:

Go Cloud Evoker?

Also to continue on the Krosis-hate train: his first rampart run netted him a usu35, as well as SIX bee spawns. And the run before it gave him a skadi leg 35.

Ok, so enough of hating on Krosis. Did a few salvage runs, primarily SSR. No drop on Dekka or GG1 or CC.

Dobu scored though a Hammerblow drop:

It's kind of funny/sad, he might hit 5/5 usu before Arc.

Did a few ISNMs hoping for some quick change, but of course not.

Cursed! I have so much IS to waste though, over 200k.

ANNM was fun. No good drops though. Here's the Jugner Gnole owning me with Asuran Claws.

My only source of income lately has been Limbus. We did three omegas this week (Sunday>Thursday>Sunday), with some ok drops.

Can't go without a double head drop though:

We've been taking every path to the extreme lowman, which is nice. I pretty much refuse to bring more than 6 people to omega, unless they're an odd man out.

Darkk and I had a really close NE run, we messed up so many times, but manged to pull it off with 30seconds left!

Stamos invited me to repeat Fei'Yin ACP where I got this lovely earring. Go ACC-.

Einherjar has been decent. Have been getting full ampoules. However, some of the pulls are just ridiculous, which casues us to have deaths, and then subsequently time out on the boss.

Somehow they linked the ENTIRE bat wave!

Which then time out on this dragon:

We did get a rematch though, and won with just 24 people (compared to our previous 32)

I'm 2 runs away from 15k, but still not sure what to buy...

Ending with Thano accidently tossing her pearl, causing the LS to break..

Remade it with the same name! But couldn't get the color quite right. Oh well!

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