Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tsola power!

Random update!

LS has been somewhat eventful lately. Kicked some people, some left, some quit the game, accepted a few. There's still a few people in the LS I'm not that happy with since they're still barely online, but whatever! Just wish we could find a few more nice and dependable people for events.

We did B2! Went 2/4 on wins. And went 2/2 on staves as well as mask!

The first fight was kind of lame, we ran it and it petrified us ; ;. Next two went very smoothly though.

Pretty easy kill, even with just 1 BRD and only 2-3 melee 2houring per fight.

Our 4th fight 2 weeks later didn't go as well.. Terror got off through stun.

Did JoL!

Novia went to me! And Sho got the torque, no novio ; ;

Quick TP burn kirin gave us a Dbody only drop.

Did like 13 KS99's one night. We managed to do them all in about 3 hours, so was pretty good.

Funny terror position!

No good drops in all the runs. I didn't have 99KS so I didn't get to try :(.

Hagun ENM has the same drops as usual: nothing !

We did La Vaule and Beadeaux SCNMs, both were terrible drops.

This random guy Rockso, who I've never seen or heard from before kept checking me. He had had dalmatica and stuff, so I thought it might've been someone I knew that was banned/quit/new character or something. Guess not though!

I was nice(for once according to many!) and let him keep the stone!

On our way back to check some other random NMs, Despot was randomly up, sitting there unclaimed.

It was kind of funny. Even more random was the fact was that there were like 2 different parties killing regular Groundskeepers and trying to pop Despot, as Despot was sitting there unclaimed. Very confusing and strange...

I took this stone! Woo 1/2 for byakko!

Speaking of Byakko! Did a merc run with Hogie.

It dropped too! Yay gil for me.

Did DM for people that wanted earrings. Was kind of a random setup mixed of BLMs/PLDs a single a WHM, and a BST that was randomly there and asked to join.

Did tons of pickup salvage runs.

SSR has been stingy. I haven't seen a 35 in about 10SSRs now, compared to going 4/4 on 35s with the first 4 tuns after the update.

In a random BR run, NINE bees popped. Considering the total bees I've seen since doing salvage excluding this run has been like 10, I was pretty shocked.

Unfortunately, we went 1/9 on drops, and that drop was Skadi head.

Rotaru showed me this crazy taru BLU using the magical aspect of the job, primarily regurgitation, so I gave it a try!

BLU/NIN soloing puddings! I managed to get chain4, without resting at all. The funny looks from all the BLMs was priceless.

I decided to try some sky NMs solo, and started off with SC.

Unfortunately, I didn't managed to take any pics, but I got it to 63% before I forgot to unpouch my shihei and died.

It was a really difficult fight. Regurgitation's bind only worked about 80% of the time, so I just tried to kite when it failed. When it landed, I would run away, and rest, till it unbound. I didn't brign any yagudo drinks which I think would've helped a lot.

I've been meriting a lot again. This BRD actually managed to keep Prelude on me a 100% of the time. I didn't even ask for it. I actually don't think it was the best song, and would've rather kept marchx2, but was still kind of amazed he did it, so I didn't tell him to stop.

Also, what's up with people just standing around at birds, and then declaring the camp theirs? I've had this happen like 6 times now, were a BRD and a single DD stand at the bird camp, and then proceed to reserve the camp till they can find members.

I'm like the last person to ever suggest camping over another party, but you can't just stand there and not kill anything for 30mins and proceed to declare the camp yours.

I was bored on a Monday night so I did a fake nyzul shout!

Sho thinks I'm evil! but I only got 2 responses ; ; was pretty lame.

HPG decided that we need a bunch of random idiots in the shell, and they don't even have to be 75! That's right, he's recruiting random level65 people via shout!

I actually don't think shouting is a bad way to get the word out that your linkshell is recruiting, but the fact that he accepts just ANYONE. I mean really, what exactly is the point in accepting some level67 WAR with underleveled skills because of level sync to dynamis?

He didn't actually find any level67 war that matched the above criteria, but still, these new recruits have to be some of the worst yet.

And then.. what's the point? We have a pretty consistent 30 people for dynamis, and yes sometimes we have a bit lower 22-25ish, but we do BETTER with less people. The whole thing is just so stupid and mind boggling, especially because he's even admitted himself that runs tend to go smoothly the less people we have.

Even worse is now were repeating cities AGAIN. And he says that he'll keep repeating as long as people want to join, joy...

Oh, and to prove I'm going to win bonanza on Monday, here's my tsopsychic powers at work!

Next post will show me spending a 100m in an hour!

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