Thursday, July 29, 2010

MMM tier4 Shadhavar

Finally got access to this last fight! Unfortunately I'm not having any luck winning. Fighting an ixion type monster with people that never even seen Dark Ixion before hasn't been too great.

It's a BLM/SMN ixion. It casts thundaga3, thunder4, and stun. It uses astral flow and summons ramuh every 90seconds to Judgement Bolt you. It has a really annoying permanent shock spikes effect that deals 80-90hp per spike, plus obviously the possible stun. Slow/elegy/paralyze all landed without any problems.

Damaging it wasn't really an issue. If we can somehow stay alive I think it would be an easy win. People have been telling me you can avoid the TP moves just by sidestepping/running when you see it charge. If that's possible here I would think PLD WHM RDM BRD RNGx2 could win easily. You can get revitalizer in there, so you can have permanent soul voiced songs, and everyone else can 2hour twice.

Thundaga3 damage; people that took less damage had capped MDT.

Zeus damage.

Spear damage.

Astral flow damage. I had capped mdt for this one.

Going to need to blackmail some people into helping me kill this as many times as it takes to get my robe/any other gear that drops!

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