Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay goliard+ ugly/cute hat!

Lots of stuff happened!


Solo'd a majority of the NMs again to obtain a second pop set, as well as some money items. Went 2/7 on money item drops.

Coinbiter dropped his gilfinder neckpiece, didn't get a SS of it. Both sold overnight for a total of 450k, yay.

We planned to do the actual BC itself on Thursday, but Arc's internet died, so we postponed it to Friday. We managed to get people 10 people, and I was still a little nervous. The fight was actually very very easy.

I was in charge of kiting the main NM as RDM/NIN, while the rest of the group killed the 4 helpers. Arc easily held the 2 rangers, while Seeko shadowbinded one of the warriors, and Thano tanked the second warrior.

Kiting the NM was really easy, it casts weak spells (Banish II & Flash) often, so you can get distance on it without w legs. I poisoned/bio III'd it, and did 10% of the damage while everyone else killed the helpers. It's special moved "Veil of Chaos" isn't too deadly either. Slow/elegy all work. Once the aura went down, it died quickly.

Perfect drop for me:

(Stealing pic from LS site!)

Second fight dropped the earring so yay to Darkk for that.

We could have easily done the fight with 9, since Rose was taking pics(Soultrapper) through parts of it. Then maybe we could drop a person or two, and with use of 2hours I can see us doing it with 7-8.


Mithroy asked if we could kill the T4 ZNMs for him, and he would supply all the zeni to pop them (Tier 1-4) as long as he could keep the PW trophy for his Tizona; we would get to keep all other drops. Since we have no need for the PW items, I saw this as an awesome deal. We managed to do 1 Tinnin last week, as well as a bunch of Tier1-3.

(More pic stealing from site)

Arc beat Thano by like 20points!(930 vs 910ish); so no more saying you have poor lots!

We have another Tinnin set almost ready, so hopefully we'll see another Alkalurops/Enkidu Body.

We've had two Sarameya pops forever, but no LS seems to want to kill it for us... Radiance was supposed to, but that didn't seem to ever work out; and I don't think any other LS would kill for trigger only. I decided we should try and just do it LS only! Going to try SAM tanking it. It'll be more fun this way anyway!


Wasn't even close to winning, but hey at least I beat Sav right?! Really dumb that you can't main lot AF-1. The rule just doesn't make any sense to me, since you earn points by attending dynamis runs, and if you wish to use those points to obtain AF there shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't. I don't see why AF-1 has to be special, and you suddenly can't use your points on it like any other piece of AF.

The awesome valkrum run we had on Tuesday was completely ruined by Saturday's qufim. The pre-boss stuff went about as well as possible, considering the facts that the LS hasn't done qufim in like 6 months at least, that the majority of members had never done the zone before, and that the ls leaders don't really post links/strategies/maps/orders of what our plan is prior to the run.

Couple of people got lost, some accidental aggro, a poor pull of the mega boss which killed a few of us, but we did get the win. The real problems started post boss however..

HPG insisted, despite many of us in the ls trying to convince him otherwise, that we should farm raptors which spawn halfway across the map, instead of nearby monsters. After taking 20minutes just to arrive at the raptors, aggroing/partial wiping to unecessary mobs, we made a poor raptor pull, and wiped shortly after.


We almost all had to HP. Thankfully Alie managed to PD/sac them away giving enough time for mages to get up and out of range.

Huge waste of a run, we were dead for almost 30minutes, and then the last pull we did after we recovered failed as well. While I don't think KC goes about things in the most civilized manner possible, she was completely right here. A leader is as only good as their members I think, and HPG should be extremely thankful that he has people that actually question his decisions, instead of blindly following. If he had taken our concerns seriously, and actually responded with good reasons as to why we should do raptors (not I'm the leader do what I say crap), instead of laughing off as LOLOLOL all you guys care about is that were not fighting the mob that's dropping your AF LOLOLOLOL (which doesn't even make any sense... since the mobs we suggested drops the same armor as the raptors), we could've all worked together and made an educated decision on what mobs to target.

Bubu on Tuesday was just as bad. Run started off pretty well. Managed to do all the NMs in an efficient time, and killed the boss with very little deaths. But once again post farming...

We wasted so much time running back and forth. And of course HPG refuses to listen to anyone. It's just disappointing because we wasted the entire run. ZERO drops. Bleh, so annoying. Just wasted potential.


Random pic of everyone in my party resisting Serket's Bindga. Nobody else in my party seemed to care/notice, but I thought it was cool.

Had some of the worst nyzuls ever. Like seriously how hard is it to activate 3 lamps at the same time?

Also had a mnk mantra after everyone used body boost...

Oh, and then same fight? The melees are like, hey I'm dying, I'll just not use the fanatic's drink I spent precious tokens on for fun! Had to spam cure 4...dead taru.

Random nyzul drama without screenshots!:

I also did a random 80 which we lost when Khim was at 1% with this SAM. We had to kill Bloodsucker during the run, and the SAM got the ??? ring. After the run, I asked everyone to appraise the items. The SAM had recieved another ??? item during the run as well. Everyone heads to the appraisal NPC and trades their item, however the SAM trades his non-ring ???, then disbands PT, and trades the bloodsucker ??? ring solo. I obviously notice this and call him out on it. He replies with that it appraised to a brass ring, and that's he's in a hurry to do assault so he had to join the other PT. He was already at the NPC, so I don't see how the PT couldn't wait another 10seconds while he appraised the ring. He then had someone alliance me to prove that he joined some assault group; whatever. The next day he asked to join my nyzul shout, and I obviously declined.

On to happier times! Robyn sent me a tell encouraging me to stick with Nyzul, saying it would drop soon. I replied that it would drop today, and guess what?!

Yay finally!

Our luck didn't continue in a 100 run :(

At least now I can devote all my tags to RvB or 100 runs for Thano now that goliard is out of the way, and Nimue's Tights removes my need for denali.


Since a lot of the new weapons and gear (including Koggelmander and Mamool Ja Earring) have been found in MMM, I've been trying to schedule as many runs per week as possible. I've bought my Lost & Found rune, as well as have gotten a Supreme Might rune from the Hoardbox. Have about 200~ marbles left still; if all goes well I should have Koggelmander maze by the end of the week!


After the SCNM, I randomly decided I wanted an Ixion Cape, and one was up on the AH!

Were doing Omega this week so I should be able to finish paying back by then.

I saw screenshots of people doing the low level level sync astral flow exp thing! So put together a random group in ls to go twice. It worked.. kind of well? Made abour 7-8k in like 45mins or so.

Will probably be better next time we try, if we ever go again.

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