Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bannings...+ Cerb ZNM!

I ended up starting to write this post a few days earlier with just a few updates on what we did over the week, full morrigan's etc... but with the events that happened on 1/22...

SE finally got around to banning all the people that had duped the salvage/nyzul/sandworm stuff today. About 950 I think total? Some are apparently temp bans though, or they'll find out in 3 days for sure.

I don't think the glitch was super popular on the NA side of Levi (Salvage isn't even that popular, I think I'm only the second NA with full morrigan's). I know of a few people that did it, who I'm sure are banned now, but nothing like some of the other servers where basically entire shells were banned. It'll be interesting to see what will happen on those servers, where the shells which were banned were the ones that dominated all the HNMs, and now that they're gone, will those camps/endgame scene be like.

I did actually participate in the glitch once, on the starting chest in salvage to see if it actually worked, since it sounded so ridiculous. We never did it on NMs or anything else, since we were scared of the eventual ban. Even if it was REALLY tempting to do it.

The BG thread(s) are kind of crazy. I remember in November when they patched the glitch, and people were saying that everyone who duped was going to get banned. The people who duped retaliated that they were just jealous and they won't be getting banned etc etc.. Now everyone that warned about the bans are pretty much laughing the entire thread.

Anyway next few days will be interesting to see how what happens across the servers, and the full list of people that were banned.

I had to change tons of macros after getting the slops a few days ago. It took forever and there's still lots of mistakes I think...

We did Dynamis-Tavnazia in Alttab finally. Unfortunately, the majority of the LS for whatever reason decided that the win was important to them, and since we only had 30 people in LS 18 went for the win and 12 went to farm. The win group failed, and after they were all complaining how it was a waste of 30k. It's not like we didn't try and warn them that the Tav win was useless...

Our farm run went ok. Got PUP & NIN body to drop, but we didn't manage to get the last extension.

We finally did our Sarameyas that we've had forever. Had 10 people for the fight, including Beni, so I guess like 9.5.

Darkaze SAM/WAR
Shidobu SAM/WAR
Beni WHM/BLM(2box)

Shosei WAR/SAM
Mithroy THF/WHM

Could definitely do with less DD, if you don't care about drops you could drop the THF (but that would be foolish considering it drops multiple expensive and rare items), and would've been easier if our WHMs had /SCH leveled (hint hint!), but overall the fights went very well.

We used SAM/WAR tanks, which proved to work very well. Obviously having fire resist is required. Here's some of the damage they took:

And apparently I forgot to take more damage SS so oh well!

Kasha randomly paralyzing it:(....)

Had poor drops I guess.. even if it was 10m in items.



Random pics:

(look at party chat)

Random GM showed up in whitegate. All he did was /bow multiple times, then he left.

Poorly formatted post and didn't really edit it so oh well!

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