Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pre update speculation!

WHM update: Yay! I don't think people gave WHM enough credit even before the changes this update are promising. WHM/SCH is VERY powerful. Every time I join a merit party, people are usually always specifically asking "who is the rdm?"; not "who is the whm or rdm?". I think one of the problems is that people don't have /SCH. There's like 5 WHM in my LS, and I'm the only person with /SCH. In Alttab, there's like 2-3 WHMs with /SCH, out of the 10+ at least. I know some people have had WHM75 forever, and rarely play it so they don't care, which is ok. But like the new and upcoming WHMs, and the people that use WHM as their main should really take a few minutes and level it.

I actually do prefer to play WHM in situations where I'm mainly a healer and enfeebles don't work at all, like Jailer of Faith. Cure 5 is so nice, as well as all the other buffs.

WHM/SCH pre-patch

Light Arts: 10% MP reduction/fast cast. Boosts in Enfeebling Magic and Enhancing Magic to B+.
Conserve MP.
Dark Arts: Dark based Sleep 1 (which can be complimented by Repose), Aspir.
Protectra and Shellra (V). MP efficient way to quickly buff the entire PT.
Barspells. Unique gear and merits to boost them as well.
Sublimation. MP cost-free JA that gives a 2MP/tick.
Strategems. Penury, cutting your next spell's MP cost in half, and Celerity, reducing the casting time and recast by 50%.
Cure Potency gear. Through Noble's and Medicine ring, WHM can get an additional +20% potency over other jobs.
Cure 5 and Regen III.
Divine Veil, every 10minutes.

Now comparing to RDM/WHM for meriting:

Refresh. Costs 40MP to cast, restores 150MP. TotalMP gained:110.
Convert: Max merits can bring this down to 8:20.
Dia III: If merited, it's nice for merits if your RDM can keep MP up.
Auto-Refresh gear: AF2 hat coupled with dalmatica or morrigan's to give 2mp/tick refresh.

A lot of people think that convert and refresh is infinitely better than all the stuff WHM gets, when it's really pretty the same.

Conserve MP in itself is huge, which RDM doesn't get. Factor in the automatic 10% reduced spell cost (ie Haste is 36MP vs 40, cure 4 is 80 vs 88), and it gets even better.

I don't know, I just get so annoyed when people act like WHM is so much inferior to RDM, when it's pretty much the same. It really depends on the player's ability to keep haste/cures/dia up rather than the job itself.

After the update, I think WHM will reign supreme though. Esuna will be so helpful for wivres, and the added stoneskin to cure should be fantastic since most people don't /NIN anymore.

The SMN adjustment is very nice, finally getting those BPs to have a decent range. The previous pathetic 5' range was stupid. The increase to merit BPs will be really good though I think, since they're already impressive with merits in them.

For RDM, I could care less about Enspell II. New campaign toy only. Composure is nice, not for the melee ACC though. If you can click it off, increasing the duration of Protect, Shell, Haste and Refresh will be nice.

I'm excited to do the new missions! I think if they're anything liek WotG, it should be pretty good. Plus being able to do everything at once with no interruptions! I'm hoping it'll be at least as long as ToAU.

Me/Thano/Seeko finished up the Bastok line of quests

This completes all the 3 series of nation quests for me, just in time to do the newly added ones. I'm like 99% sure SE is going to create some kind of reward for finishing all 3 lines of quests, and not just 1, so I'm happy to have them all done. Also, it's possible the quests will reward items for the new Gobbie bag upgrade.

Which brings me to the Mog Sachet from the security token! I'm upset they are doubling our inventory via this thing we have to buy.. but at least it's only $10.

Ok that's it!

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