Saturday, March 14, 2009

A whole bunch of random!

I've been doing a bunch of stuff in sea; trying to get torques and capes.

Solo'd the 4 aerns in the immediate left room. They're like BLMs, RNGs and DRK mobs, so pretty nice for soloing. Took forever to get the drop as usual; maybe like 90minutes.

This aern was mean and dropped everything but the HQ organ :(.

Once it dropped, I changed to RDM/THF (yay for TH!), and headed for the ???. Always start by looking for it on the left side. It's shorter, and you can easily traverse from the west side's ??? to the east side's ???, while the opposite doesn't work.

It was up on the left side, which is my preferred spot. The reason being that on the east side's ???, is a one-way door. So if Ix'MNK decides to randomly deaggro after you've entered the one way door, and runs OOR before you can reclaim you kind of lose the pop items.

Pretty easy fight with or without movement speed. Just train it to the Ebon Panel room. You may or may not have to die depending on if stuff loses aggro or not. I didn't die in this specific kill. Most stuff actually loses aggro by the time you get to the room. Usually the only thing that doesn't lose aggro is the ghrah right outside the ebon panel room if it happens to be in spider mode as you walk by. However, if you keep running around the ebon panel room, it eventually loses aggro.

Dot/kite away! Nothing special. It does do Hundred Fists, but doesn't matter since you shouldn't be anywhere near it.

One thing to be careful about is occasionally it'll decide to turn, and start running to you from the opposite direction.

Only exp dropped :(.

Took 40minutes to kill including the pull.

Tried it again a few days later. Arc helped me as BLM/THF while he leeched exp! Got in fairly fast at about the 6th or 7th kill.

Deed dropped! Better than nothing.

Jailer of Fortitude

Started as solo BLU, then Aydel came up to help and finally Arc. Took like 2.5 hours to get the 12 chips without any THF.

Not a very new solo, as people have been doing this forever. I chose to do this on COR since I think it takes far less time. I chose /NIN sub for overall safety, though /RDM or /BLM would've been nice to speed up the fight.

Pop it wherever the ??? is, then immediately run to the Palace zone. With W legs I just ran past any ghrahs not worrying about sleeping them at all. For the pot, I actually did take my time and sneak around it.

Goal is to seperate Fortitude from its 2 helpers. I had to zone it twice to get fortitude alone. Once you have it free from its helpers, take it to a different tower (ie if ??? is NE, take it to SW to kill).

You can probably light shot the ghrahs you see. For the pot though, I would definately sneak around it. If you do aggro it, you'll pretty much have to die. In the event that happens, just RR and claim fortitude.

I only bothered with Wizard's, since I was only resisted twice. Dancer's is nice though for a second roll in case you get hit.


No drop! Took about 80minutes to do the whole thing.

Seeko helped me farm another set a few days later. Took us a little over an hour to get 9. (yay for TH4!).

We could not separate the helpers this time by zoning for some reason. So Seeko just looped around the whole garden till they lost aggro.

Since it was actually getting TP this time (from Seeko, Quick Draw doesn't give any TP) had a few scary moments.

Scary vorpal blade!

We had limbus soon, so Thano ended up coming up as BLM to speed up the end for us.

Nothing again!

Jailer of Temperance (failed :()

I don't think this is possible, unless you get really lucky/everything goes perfectly.

The nice thing about it is how easy it is to pop. Just have to kill the PH in each tower till it pops. I've been lucky and have had it pop at the really close tower, which takes all of 2 minutes to get to, or have been unlucky and have had it pop on the last tower I check. Usually takes me about 35-40minutes to hit all 5 towers solo.

My strategy was too pretty much gravity/bio3/poison and zone it at the elevator which every tower has. It kind of worked.

I did sleep everything in my way. Pretty much I cast Sleep 2 on the Zdei, then sleep 1 if any ghrah was a bird, then gravity on Temperance, followed by bio3 and poison 2. I then ran to the zone. I usually ignored the last ghrah right before the elevator since ghrahs always cast upon aggro, the elevator is close enough to zone.

It sounds kind of simple.. but it really isn't. Temperance builds resistance to gravity, and even though you're not spamming it because of the zoning, it still can wear off early (prior to you getting to the elevator) or simply flat out resisting.

Also since the zone is an elevator, if it's hitting you, you can't zone, or you'll get event skipped.

It also 2hours...

It started spamming Decayed Filament like crazy after that; literally every time I pulled for about 10% it would spam it. This actually worked to my advantage, since I was able to out run it, and stall it while it got the "No target in range" message.

I did get hit with it eventually though.

The poison wasn't horrible, but it wasn't weak either (maybe like 10-15HP). However I lucked out again here that it wasn't in blunt mode. If it decided to spam Optic Induration (aka petrification) I would have died.

I ended up finally dying at 53%. It resist gravity and it's 2hour was off. I tried to hold it for a bit till I could re-gravity and zone, but didn't last long enough.

(It regened 10% from being idle)

I'm actually really interested in trying to solo it. It's easy and fast to pop, and it's not like I would waste triggers with other solos. Only problem is everything has to go perfectly.

We did it with 6 a little later. Was a lot smoother than I was expecting it to be.


We just straight tanked it, gravity'd during blunt mode and during 2hour. Pretty simple, took maybe 20minutes to kill.

Jailer of Faith

Super easy fight with enough BLMs to zerg it down.

I actually won the torque too! Woo! Now I just want prudence/fortitude torques.

Ix'Aern (DRG)

Took forever to pop!

Not much to say about this.. easy solo if you had enough patience to pop it.

Ix'Aern (DRK)

We decided to do some random sea farming, and I needed BLM buffer so I headed up there as BLM. Everyone was taking forever to gather/afking so I decided to kill a random aern at the ??? for fun, doubting it would pop on the first mob.

Guess I was wrong!

Ruo joined me pretty quickly, and we managed to keep it from depopping before reinforcements came. I lost like 5k exp :(.

No cape dropped! Hate! It's actually pretty easy to separate the Qn'Aern helpers from Ix'Aern itself though, so it wouldn't be a bad solo; just would take forever since RDM/NIN popping it would be slow, and then dealing with however many reraises it decides to do...

Moving on from sea...

PUP/NIN Solo Draketrader Zlodgodd!

This was fun!

I do have Hermes' and just did Water>Ice>Ice>Ice then deploy/retrieve. The nice thing is that the automaton can run while it's casting and it won't get interrupted. You want to hit deactivate as soon as you see Draketrader's HP drop, other wise, it'll hit your automaton, and then your Activate timer will be ruined.

Distance helps a lot with this fight, as well as "blinking" your job abilities (change visible gear when you use Deploy for example, so that the animation won't lag you). After you've deployed/retrieved, and are kiting, you want to make sure you're at least 13' away from it, or you'll risk automaton death. If I wasn't 13' away, I would just deactivate before the spell went off, since it wasn't worth kiting for 20minutes without activate for.

If you don't make any mistakes, you can kill it in about 40minutes. If you do make some mistakes, then it becomes a major headache.

Blifnix Oilycheeks solo!

Finally did this solo, after having duoed it with Seeko before. Still was a pain.

I did manage to drag it to the gate solo. With AF2 body/AF1 hat, I pulled with poison, then immediately cast sneak, and ran; it won't link with the other mobs in the zone and it will lag behind because of ranged attacks.

Other than that it was just a slower duo really.

Bluevial randomly sent me a tell asking if I could help him kill Charybdis, saying it was already up. I said yes if Marathon could lot too, and he agreed.

We ended up wiping at about 36%. I actually think it being a duo messed me up. His bind was flat out resisting half the time, and when it did land, it would only last 10seconds if he was lucky.

You can see him getting resisted here..

Ended up having to gravity so much because of the bind mishaps, that when I really need grav, it resisted and I died.

The other party there was like 1 THF 1 RDM 3 MNKs, and they all used hundred fists. All the monks died, and the rdm as well because of cure spam. It was at 1%, and I was thinking they were going to die! but the THF somehow managed with PD to finish it off, and they barely won.

Did three omegas in like a week and a half!

First one was only with 6 people, so yay for that. We got crazy lucky with the gunpods, and actually got 3/4 of an omega set done.
We actually held it till the last minute which was scary for some of us...

Drops were even better, double legs! Yay for gil.

Omega on sunday had double the amount of people almost, but didn't go as well.
Only 1 chip (and we farmed an extra gunpod more than last time), and head/legs drops! oh well, still decent.

Our third omega had even more people.

Chips were nice, here's smoky and smalt in the same pool! I swear magenta chip (kings path) NEVER drops! We've done kings like 8 times in a row now.

Body/Hands/Feet drop! Not too bad.

More MMM! Raining Koggelmanders!

Had a buyer for 1M on a different day, and of course no drop then...

Gnole Torque maze still hasn't dropped. Had a really difficult bunny the other day too.

Yay for sleepga+ whirl claws!

We recovered, but it was still just as spammy! Stunned a Whirl Claws, and as soon as it wa un-stunned, it whirl clawed again!

Had a 10M fragment run in Dynamis on Tuesday. I was maining a 100, which of course HPG forgot, despite having entire tell AND linkshell conversation about it...

I'm blaming him for my 6 lot :(.

Also: first time I have seen Kazema say anything. It was quite a moment.

Saturday was Valkrum which was our first CoP in a while. It went fairly well. The beastmen continued to be nice and drop tons of AF2.

And yay for PUP!

Also something I found interesting, a double drop of DNC/COR off one mob. I thought that all the new jobs were in the same category, but I guess, DNC isn't?

COR belt dropped later, but LT got. No more drops till the last 10minutes of the run:

Also, Nantina or whatever suprised me with some crazy 1 hit-KO melee hit.

850 damage through capped stoneskin...

Qufim was Tuesday, because it somehow won the vote. It was pretty bad start to finish. HPG saw that we only had 2 THFs right as he broke glass, and decided to -1point every 75THF that came as a different job (and a more helpful one too.. like BLM). The NMs went decently well up until the golem, which HPG failed to pull correctly, followed by our second THF failing, followed by Anyaga failing, followed by Arc failing, followed by some random MNK getting it to camp, with a bunch of goblin friends. We managed to kill it, and surprisingly beat the boss.

Drops were pretty bad. RDM feet-1 dropped (really want !), but I lotted like a 100 on it, joy.

Buburimu on Saturday started off really well. We actually defeated every NM within 30minutes, but then we somehow wiped during the boss. RRed and killed it though. Cockatrice (the mobs that drop PUP cape) decided to laugh at me and drop three BLM belts. Funny thing is nobody was main lotting it, so they all went free lot...

Dynamis-Tavnazia was next! Usual drama over win vs. farm. Insert random HPG crap, insert everyone else complaining! We did manage to get 35 people, 18 went to win, and 17 to farm. The win group lost as usual. I seriously don't understand why they keep throwing gil away at it.

Farm had some ok drops! SCH/WAR from beauc, then:

WHM which auto'd to Anyaga, and finally, prepare for mass hate to Pines..:

He was the only there main lotting it, for his level37 RDM!

We didn't get all the extensions again :( We keep messing up on that last one!

Tav again the next run. Win lost as usual, they actually managed to not get any aggro, yet they didn't do enough damage to it in time, and somehow timed out.

Farm went ok, we did finally get all extensions!

Good for Chibil on PLD, and Sav on RDM. Both really lucked out, since it's so much easier getting AF when total amount of people in zone is 17, compared to 40.

While we did get all extensions, I'm not sure how to go about farming after you repop all the mobs; the pulls are just way too big...

It was like 6 bees, an eye, 2 tarui, and 3 demons.

I really wish HPG would just promote farming over the win. 80% of the LS for some unknown reason kiss up to him, and think he's God. So when he decides that winning is more important than farming, everyone decides that they want the win more. Most of the people in the alliance didn't even know what the win entails: a difficult boss fight in which even 1 person messes up and aggros, or lags or anything, and you ruin your chances of winning. Add in the fact that you can't farm afterwards(which many people again didn't know...they thought you could win and farm at the same time), so you are essentially throwing gil away for a 20seconds cutscene, and a title. Then when we do get drops like RDM hat and SCH body even with mass wipes and not getting the extension, HPG refuses to let us tell people that. "Don't say AF in LS!!", so the people that got the win think Tav is useless. The entire situation is really stupid.

We finally did some Kirins, and wow was it boring.

After the gods were done, there was like nothing to do. Random gravity, dia2, and cures. Just took forever. I did get a few decent Aero 3 off at least.

Hagun ENM failed me (Sho jinxed it!!)

And then failed again:

After ENM I decided to watch Tiamat, was my first time seeing it in like almost 2 years.

The linkshell that was fighting it wiped at 5%, thought they got it as low as 2%. I was praying they wiped at 1% and somehow I CS Water 3 and killed it and then gaiters dropped! But that didn't happen. Radiance took over at 5% and got the kill.

X's knife still isn't nice...

and then even worse with a no drop!

We did mine/Seeko's Beadeaux SCNM, and it was probably like the stupidest 30minutes ever. Took forever just to get to the SCNM itself, with multiple deaths. Then we finally get there and enter, and felt like nobody was paying attention at all. We wiped really fast. RR, tried again, and a dumb mistake caused us to wipe again. It was pretty disheartening since I felt like 80% of the people in the fight didn't even try to focus and win, and it took forever to get those pop items.

At least it looks cool!

I did a fancy Slug Shot! Yay for angon!

2315 yay!

One of the reasons I decided to farm chips as BLU was too see how well I did, and I actually think I did fairly well. Here's all my gear:

TP set

WS set

Big 3 set.

New update stuff!

The update is finally almost here, April 8th! A week and a half away, just in time for a nice Easter weekend. The announcement of the final gear from the new expansion looks promising, but I'm conflicted on what to upgrade.

Breaking it down job by job:
WHM: Can gain from adding fast cast, but other than that I don't see much here...
BLM: Adding macc/mab will make it better than weskit, but worse than morrigan's. Fast Cast once again will work nicely here, especially since blm has no other fast cast piece, but I don't think I'm going to do it.
RDM: You can make this into the best nuking body aside from morrigan, again. Fast Cast is nice, but it's the same as AF2 body, and with the increased drop rates in dynamis, I don't think it's worth it for any RDM to get this.
Fast cast is good here too, but there's also yigit/shair which do the same thing. I know I won't be making a brd piece.
SMN: Finally! Some amazing stuff on here. I really want the attack/acc/double attack/crit rate! All amazing. Perp-2 is also really good.
BLU: Could be a bit better TP piece, but don't think I will do it
COR: Could make an amazing slug shot piece but.. the QD-5second, and +4mab are calling me. I think this is what I'm going to upgrade.
Lots of options here! I have Enkidu and AF2 for TP/WS already, though this would be better. I don't think it's unique enough though, so will primarily focus on the pet augments. the +7MAB/MACC is crazy, and the PUPnuker in me wants it so badly!
Can make a really nice nuking piece, but AF+1 will still be the best for resistant stuff. Fast cast is really nice again.

I'm excited to finally do an entire line of missions in one sitting, without having to wait for updates. They also seem ot be adding a bunch of stuff in general, like the campaign NMs, so new stuff yay!

I'm still holding out they'll announce avatars, but I don't think so :(

Going to end with Clownfyre being crazy. Here's just one of the many crazy things he's been /ting to me recently:

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