Thursday, July 2, 2009

boring times

So there went my a 83m marble :( oh well!

Except I only won a rank5! Was kind of surprised at how many people believed that I actually won; must've got like 50 tells or something! Made me feel bad for a second that I tricked everyone; but only for a second!

A few weeks ago we did some Sarameyas, and I went as COR for some dd action!

My slugs averaged 1-1.2k damage with BRD support, and normal attacks in the 120-140 range. I think that's pretty good for a COR since it's ranged damage, in addition to being able to support other melees in your party with melee rolls, and mages with evoker's.

Dynamis has been so boring. I can't even bother to stay the entire run anymore. A whole bunch of Dynamis shells have suddenly started running on Tuesdays, so our planned zone is always taken. Dunes also luckily won the vote!

No COR belt or RDM hat :( Think the SCH-1 was the best thing that dropped.

Stupid Bhaflau. Did a rio 1f+2f farm which resulted in no NMs.

A shout run led to 2 bee pops, both which nothing dropped...

Hate bhaflau so much!

Did Odin finally! I remembered to turn on music, so that was cool.

It was kind of a weird fight; I don't think it was that hard though. Most annoying thing was buffing/keeping stoneskin up on the melees for the 10k needle move.

Running up and getting petrified is always fun too!

Pretty good drops I think. I found the dfeet/ebody combination amusing; the best and worst abjuration in the pool together. I think it was my first time ebody in like.. 2 or 3 years maybe.

And with that the only content I haven't really done is Ixion/Sandworm!

Did a bunch of SCNMs, and got some Terror Shields!

Yay more gil for me!

And of course a bunch of worthless drops.

I've been campaigning so much, I actually have capped buffer! First time in my entire FFXI career! Trying to get 200k AN before the update.

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