Tuesday, July 14, 2009


LS has been lame recently. Arc/Thano were on vacation for a bit, so it was just me/Seeko trying to organize everyone. There's like 15 people in the linkshell supposedly, yet we can only get 9 people at events. It's really annoying. Like at this point I don't care what excuse you have; work/wife/school/tired blah blah, nobody cares! Of course things will pop up, and you will be late or have to miss a certain a week, and that's understandable. What's NOT understandable is missing several weeks in a row of events. If your RL doesn't allow you to commit, or you peersonally don't want to commit, then it doesn't and oh well. Let me just cross you off the list and everyone can move on already. It's not like we are super hardcore or anything. There's 1 event, maybe 2 events per week (excluding limbus) and missing both events per week, several weeks in a row is ridiculous.

The only event we can get people to show up to is limbus, so we get stuck with a bunch of limbus only people, since we have seperate attendance for that. And people only make it a point to show up to limbus since there's a 600k+ payout every week. It's like were turning into a limbus shell that does other events on the side, rather than an events linkshell that does limbus.

And it's like we tried to find the best day(s) to do events by posting and asking everyone what they preferred, but when the only people that cared enough to respond were the 9-10 people we can depend on coming to events in the first place, it ended up not making any difference...

So annoying! Ok no more emo ls rant time!

Did like 8 SCNMs, and got 0 hats; was pretty lame.

But I did get stone mufflers! Yay 380stoneskin!

Few more crap drops:

Did an Odin again. I forgot to restock on echos from all the SCNMs I did, so it was really annoying getting silenced.

Ew wbody! But pretty good luck going 2/2 on ebody.

I still can't figure out how to spend my ampoules, so they're just sitting there accumulating. Maybe I'll buy something after the patch once I see any new items they add.

Hagun ENM still fails, but not giving up hope on a Hagun just yet!

Shidobu ended up getting turtle to drop for him over the weekend, which made him 15/15 on usukane. I thought it was amusing how they described it as "finally" dropping, even though he then proclaimed "I am officially 1/4 on it"; because four tries is really so many and deserves a "finally". We killed it for Arc like 30times, and it still hasn't dropped, and my Powderkeg took like 70-80 kills before it dropped.

I felt kind of bad for Arc so we ended up doing a few trio turtle runs. It's pretty easy, and could probably fit GG2 in as well, but nobody cared for it. Wish we could include Dekka, but oh well.

Both no drops! Lame; hopefully it drops soon.

Dynamis has been lame. We did some bizarre last minute team up so we wouldn't have lost the zone to a shell that gathers earlier. I was kind of pissed, since I lost my chance at smn legs because of it, but whatever There was some mini drama throughout the run I forgot to screenshot; and 64 person dynamis is always fun! Go death house aggro!

I kind of want to just af2 I want already. I'd rather just buy cor belt/pup cape than wait forever trying to get them in alttab.

Omega has been getting better! Still no bodies; been about 15 omegas now without one...

Also, hate that it killed me right as it died! So lame! At least we finally got chips to drop, 2 from this omega!

I'm pretty excited for next week's patch, just for some new stuff to do. Exploring new areas is always nice, so even if everything else somehow fails there will be that. I'm still holding out hope for a new avatar; I think it's coming this patch finally, but saving it to the last possible day to announce it is so aggravating! Just tell us if you'll release an avatar and which one will it be already!

Since I'm still waiting to see if the avatar is coming, I'm scared to fix my SMN group1 merits. I capped the tier2 nuking BPs, and kind of want to switch some merits around and put avatar magical attack, but I don't want the new avatar to be super physical, and then have to redo merits! Hate waiting! Not a patient taru!

Also I was scrolling through my old screenshots, and found this!

It was from back when AV wasn't a 100% pop, and virtues weren't 100% drop. Our LS (echo) managed to get an AV pop, and after we were done wiping, and letting it depop, Shadows (LS in the pic) came to give their own shot at AV. Personally I didn't care if they tried or not since it was midnight on a Sunday, and it's not like they would've made any progress, but of course bitter LS rivalry, so we called a GM on them and the GM decided to actually do something and jail their entire linkshell.

See! Funny drama! Back in 2006! Now all we have is boring who has NASA bot drama! Need more GMs jailing entire linkshells for stupid reasons go!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what's the strat to trioing that turtle in salvage?

any info would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tso! Just wanted to thank you again for letting me use my SCNM pop with your LS's help. It's too bad we didn't get anything shiny from it, though :(

I'm always willing to try, try again though! That is assuming your LS does not mind.


(PS. I tried posting this with my "OpenID" from LJ but it wouldn't let me so I had to do it anon, hopefully it doesn't process all my attempts and you end up with 1300 comments!)

Ecko said...

Damn how the hell you guys trio turtle?! lol.. Good stuff..