Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Speed Belt!

Not mine though!

Apparently everyone thought we were going to wipe, since we only had 12 people (don't know why since KS99 is so easy...), and nobody wanted to go first! Seeko volunteered, and he ended up getting the speed belt!

Funny thing is I would've totally used my orb first if I actually had 99KS. Last time I had 99KS was like 4 years ago...

Still cool to see a speed belt finally drop!

On the way to the BC, Hoo Mjuu the Torrent was randomly up!

No drop!

This random person (Bigawkward) was shouting that he was giving his Sarameya trigger away in exchange for the normal cerb hide that drops. Since we had a Sarameya trigger of our own already, we took him up on his offer since free chance at haidate!

The second party was so useless. 2 THFs (since our first fight we only had TH3), and then a melee! Should've made them sub /rdm or something and helped me with dispels since they had no healer (and all of us in the tank PT are too lazy to tab over and cure!).

Drops failed again!

I think a few of us are now 2/3 on T4 trophies now, just needing stupid Tyger. We have a few Tyger pop or 2 though I think, so just have to go do it!

Omega is annoying now. Were pretty much guaranteed at least 1 head drop, if not a double drop. Feet also tend to drop a lot, which is the one piece we can't find buyers for. We ended up giving away a pair to someone that just joined the LS(like his first day...).

Also, severe lack of chips. We regularly farm like 5 pods/fight, and generally go 0/5 on any chip drop. We used to go at least 1/5~ before.

SMN update looks cool! I still wish for a new avatar though, even if this is technically more useful. Maybe it'll come still!

Shantotto expansion will probably just be like the 2 previous ones. Not sure why they haven't released the augments yet... Pants was an interesting choice though. If it has any haste on them, it might hurt our homam market. I'll probably turn them into some kind of SMN pants though, or maybe a WS legs pants.

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