Sunday, October 18, 2009

What to do!

I figured I should do an update before my new laptop comes and I destroy the one I'm currently using, so here I go!

I feel like I'm in this weird state. I have no desire to quit at all, but also have no desire to actually play. So I end up just logging on and doing nothing.

I guess the main problem is I feel like there's nothing interesting going on when I log on, and no particular event seems exciting anymore. Plus there really hasn't been any new endgame activites for a while. And I've done everything in the game; except for Sandworm/Ixion(and camping fails so blah). There's an update coming up though, so hopefully that will change and rejuvenate my interest in ffxi! (new avatar yay!)

LS has been SMN burning a lot (but won't let me afk leech like I did for DRK/DNC to 37!). A lot of them are pretty close to Maat's Cap now, and Arc finally got his!

Stuff I did:

ZNMs. Did a bunch of tier4!

Did 2 Tinnins, I think we only got 1 Enkidu's harness. The other 2 drops were crap.

Sarameya! Only did 1 of these. Easy fight as always.

Some more horrible drops!

But Krosis dying and deleveling at the last second=awesome!

Einherjar wipe! This was probably the most fun I had in a while; the boss was a complete (yet extremely hilarious!) failure. Someone actually DC'd after we finished clearing the normal mobs, and we waited around for 10+/- minutes as they were logging back on, since we thought there was no way we could lose to a tier 1!

Cue chigoes owning everyone. I think the BLMs just forgot about the chigoes existing until they actually popped, and then it was too late.

I had a good laugh at the whole thing so I considered the run a success!

I finally decided to spend some ampoules!

And I picked out a moogle hat finally!

COR WS hat!

So with my new toys, I decided to actually do something productive and merit!

Hopefully SE will announce something fun this week for me to get excited about(new avatar new avatar new avatar new avatar new avatar!)

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