Monday, February 15, 2010

New project: Warrior!

So I was thinking of new ways to occupy my time/new goals. After a while of debating what to do I decided on a new job. I have WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU COR PUP SCH already, and really the only thing I'm missing is a a 2h melee DD or THF. THF seems annoying to play, so decided against that. So it was between WAR SAM DRK DRG, and WAR won!

I started thinking about what gear I have already, and what gear I'd need to get so list time!

Have already: Walahra Turban, Peacock Charm, necessary gorgets, Brutal Earring, Triumph Earringx2, Dusk Gloves, Toreador's Ringx2, Flame Ringx2, Cuch Mantle, Swift Belt, and Byakko's Haidate. Which means I need:

1) Aurum Sabatons: Armed Gears or Achamoth.
2) Hecatomb Cap: Fafnir
3) Hecatomb Leggings: Suzaku
4) Hecatomb Mittens: Byakko
5) Ebody: Odin
6) Assault Earring: AH
7) Fire Bomblet (I think): AH
8) Pole Grip (I think): AH
9) Perdu: IS, have enough already.
10) Ancient Torque: Upper Jeuno Bazaar!
11) Fortitude Torque (not sure if I need this?): Jailer of Fortitude
12) SAM SJ.
13) And of course.. to actually level WAR

So I started working down the list, first up Aurum Sabatons! Sevaru still needed Tomoe, so we teamed up and went after Armed Gears.

Farming zeni is always difficult for me due to my extreme lack of inventory, so thankfully we got the drops we needed in 2 kills. We also found some buyers for extra drops, but unfortunately nothing extra dropped. Still was nice that we both got our stuff though!

I thought N.head was going to be a nightmare, but Fafnir was conveniently in my timezone, and it dropped on my first time out there!

It was my first time in aery in at least 2.5 years, though I think it's been closer to 3. Thanks to dryroot for letting me leech a cute cap! It goes well with Dalmatica!

N.feet was next on my WAR to do list. I know RDM can solo Suzaku so at first I was thinking about doing that. After thinking about how long of a fight it was, and my sometimes frustrating internet connection I asked Ro and Breaze if they wanted to fight it. Breaze needed Sune-ate, and Ro wanted the Alegs, so it worked out quite well!

Breaze brought along a WHM 2box too. I was unsure of how exactly the fight was going to go. For the RDM solo method, Suzaku runs out of MP by the time it hits chainspell, which makes it non threatening. Obviously that wasn't applicable here, but I figured between our own Chainspells and a magic defense kit we'd be able to pull through.

Suzaku surprised us when she chainspelled at 90%. I don't think I've seen a god 2hour that early ever. Strangely I decided to test bind to see if it would land literally half a second before I saw the 2hour animation go off, and it conveniently landed! It only lasted for about 15seconds, but it helped. None of us ended up chainspelling, and nobody died.

So with the hard part out of the way, the rest of the fight went by very smoothly, and fairly quickly. It took us about 20-25minutes. I was honestly expecting a longer fight. I know this isn't a huge accomplishment since it is soloable after all, but it was pretty fun to do.

N.feet dropped! So another item off the list.

Ebody was next. My einherjar LS is actually mostly capped on them already. Unfortunately I can't spend points on it until I'm 75 so I have to get them freelot against other people for now.

Well an Odin run comes up, and Ebody drops! It's announced free lot, and 3 other people lot! Highest is 245, so I'm thinking I'm going to win lot...

...and it turns out my super amazing lot of 61 is less than 245! Oh well. Once it's 75 I can guarantee myself one. I just hope we don't get an unlucky streak of no drops.

In other einherjar news, we had stupidly easy tier3 run. The first wave was chigoes, which do... nothing. No tp moves, they don't hit very hard, sleep easily...

Second wave comes, and it's the Dvegyr boss! It was a little messy, but still simple. I died though which made Breaze happy. Not nice!

Ran out to sea next. Breaze needed help with a Faith Torque, so we killed it really fast.

Using a zone>damage strategy is pretty cheap, but it gets the job done!

After that we farmed a bunch if Ghrah M chips up, and went after fortitude.

Easy fight as always. Having a second RDM really speeds things up compared to soloing.

No drop! I got mixed reactions regarding if the torque is better than Ancient/PCC, but for now I think I'll just not bother with it. Drop rate is kind of frustrating.

Finally unlocked SAM as well! Now it just needs 1->37!

The hardest part is going to be actually leveling it to 75! Most people aren't very supportive of the soon to be super awesome TsoWAR!

Some more omegas as usual. Had a surprise 5man omega when Thano forgot her cleanse. We still won, but 6 people is far better. Much easier to farm to gunpods for potential chips.

Legs FINALLY dropped though!

Capped club skill finally!

Hagun ENM still isn't being nice to me.

Did more add-on repeats. I didn't even get actually items this time. Not fair!

Tried Vrtra again. This time it ended in a CFH!

Was actually a pretty good fight until the CFH went off. Reminded me of when Rosemarie CFH'd like two weeks in a row when I last did Vrtra a few years ago.

Watched a JP group fight Pandemonium Warden!

Fulmination owning everyone (me included!)

Pretty avatars! I died again though!

They had it depop around 40% or so, but still wasn't a bad attempt. PW is actually one of the fights I really want to try again before I quit. So hopefully soon!

During a Tinnin, Dig was struggling to land paralyze forever (gimp! unlike me), but he finally got it on like the 100th cast!

I like the way Breaze thinks!

Continuing with ways in which I win: random compliments from JP buyers!

Oh and yay I found my FFXI-valentine! Sorry I decided to share our love with the world!

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