Sunday, February 28, 2010

New changes

No pics this time! Will have a pretty update sometime later! Just going to talk about everything that was announced at fanfest!

Level cap being raised to 99 is obviously the big one and has everyone buzzing about how the game will change as a result. I think it was smart of SE, the game did need a little spark to reinvigorate interest and I think this will be it. I've noticed a lot of people that have lost interest/quit express interest in coming back for a bit even. Just the same, the announcement killed a lot of people's motivations because they feel everything will be useless in a few months.

I'm feeling a little bit both. I'm not excited for the grind of finishing several sub jobs to 49 (NIN, SAM, THF, DRK), and then of course the probably ridiculous exp total of 75->99. I have WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU COR PUP SCH WAR 75; 10 jobs! I really can't see myself doing that much exp if every TNL is incremented by 2k (if not more) as you level. Maybe if they were nice and had it increment by 100 each level. I probably won't end up taking every job to 99, which is unfortunate since I enjoy all my jobs. I think I'll do RDM first, for utility purposes mainly. BLM after, then it'll be a toss up between COR/PUP/WAR/SMN. SCH & WHM will be done after those 6, and then BLU & BRD will definitely be staying at 75/done very last.

It's also going to be interesting on how they plan to balance the game. Will all the events we currently do be outdated finally?

As for the power of level 99 characters and the new level 49 SJs, there's so many possibilities. Big ones that immediately come to mind are every mage subbing /RDM for self convert, refresh, and haste. There's also /WHM, which will give Afflatus Solace/Misery, /SCH which will give Manifestation/Accession (hello Hastega, Refreshga!), /DNC and Haste Samba and tons more that I'm too lazy to list. They said they would tweak JA/spells when subbed though, so I'm thinking that things like Refresh and haste will be weakened; maybe refresh when subbed will only give 1MP/tick, and haste will only give 5% instead of 15%.

Moving on from the level cap news to job adjustments! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY new avatars! I'm unimpressed though at them being Odin/Alexander. Those models were in the game forever, it really needed to take this long to implement them?

Also the fact that they can only be used during Astral Flow just basically means SE noticed that AF was useless at 75 aside from free perpetuation cost, and is trying to make it more useful. If they can turn Odin's into the equivalent of a melee DD's 2hour (Mighty Strikes, 100 fists, etc..) that would be nice. There's already tons of speculation on how to use Alexander, and possibly cycling SMNs to make your alliance invincible. Regardless of how useful they will be, I'm excited for a new toy finally! I can already see the lines at Nyzul Isle/Hazhalm Testing Grounds for the fights.

PUP update finally as well! The skill increase from C to A is crazy. Not only are they doing that, but they are enhancing the Valoredge (melee) automation, and enhancing attachments (hello 3k Blizzard IVs!). It's been a long time coming for PUP, so I can't wait to destroy everyone in a parse!

Among the other job adjustments they teased about, BLM getting meteor is crazy. Even if it's useless in actual practice, I just want to go ballista against a bunch of people and meteor them all to death!

Next on the big announcements is server merges. I'm on Leviathan, and so we'll be welcoming Remora in 2-3 weeks. Like everything else, it should be interesting to see how it plays out. On one hand, having more people around will be nice. More people to do stuff with, and I'm sure it'll help recruitment for certain linkshells. On the other hand, I can only imagine the absolute nightmare this will cause for endgame events. Dynamis is already busy enough as is, I don't think the server needs an influx of new linkshells that run at the same time to make things ever more hectic. I've been out of the HNM scene for several years now, so I haven't kept up on everything, but it could be interesting to see what happens there! If anything, the potential drama is so great that I don't think I can be disappointed no matter what happens!

The new add ons: Abyssea. I don't really know what to think just yet, aside from being annoyed that were paying $9.99 for each again. I'm just praying it's not another dynamis-ish event.

Smaller announcement time: I'm ecstatic at the release of the new WoTG missions/quests. They're always entertaining to me, and I can't wait to see how the story progresses. The new upgrade weapon quest could be fun, as long as it's not random augment part 2.

Ok that's it! Pretty update with full details about my 3day quest to get WAR75 and more soon!

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