Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh start!

So in LS news, it's been rather frustrating lately. A bunch of people quit the game recently, and then a few others left the linkshell. Most of the people that remain hate the game and go /emo that they have to log on. At the start of every event, I'd basically have to ask Thano to start sending mass texts reminding everyone to log on. Then they would log on and talk about how much they hate doing events, and rather would be playing xyz game.

It was like we were begging people to come to events that were for them. It started becoming so ridiculous. It wasn't that we didn't have the numbers to do stuff (everything can be done lowman at this point anyway), it's just that nobody wanted to.

After thinking about, we decided it would be better to go back how the LS was before it was officially an "LS": just a bunch of people that enjoyed each others company and actually liked logging on/doing stuff. I'm calling it a "social" since there aren't really going to be set weekly times for stuff anymore. Just more like we'll help each other out. If someone needs a novio, we can go do sea for a bit. If someone needs a ZNM item, we can go do that. No need to deal with people that hate FFXI/the LS!

Boring stuff aside! Update is tomorrow, so I figured I'd do a quick update on stuff I've done!

Started the subjob grind.

And finished 3 of them: NIN, SAM, and RNG!

MMM makes this pretty simple. Average run takes 20-25mins at level 37-50, and the end chest gives you this usually:

This doesn't include the 1.5k~ or so you get from killing the mobs up to the final chest, and no exp rings either.

I think MMM has started to finally become popular among the non-JP population. It's really nice to have an instanced exp camp at a convenient location. The main downside is that because of the nature of MMM, people will tend to take a few minute breaks in between runs. These slowly add up. Add in the occasional "Hands of darkness prevent you from entering" when trading your maze to waste even more time in between runs, and you can end up wasting tons of time. It'll never end up being really great at a merit level compared to the smooth, constant exp of a traditional camp, but before that it works really well.

We did a few KS99 runs. Arc somehow managed to trigger flail...and then be out of range?

I didn't get very good drops at all!

My bad luck spilled over into Odin which resulted in another no Ebody drop!

Though I did win the freelot Pbody!

My WAR doesn't need ebody to beat everyone in a parse though! Had a decent merit party finally and take a look at the parse!

I win! Even though Riki was using great katana instead of polearm, it doesn't matter! I still win!

Also had an embarrassing (for the other DD) party on COR. Really wish I could find a party with solid DD that won't AFK constantly...

Oh, and I did this too:

Going to miss my Tamas!

I did some dynamis for the first time in about 8-9months. Just as boring/long as I remember it being. I died too! Byebye capped BLM exp!

We did a fragment though, and I got to play WAR! Wasn't really that exciting of a zerg, it was over in like 5 seconds. I don't think half the melee even had the chance to WS.

Another 5 man omega. I think we killed it in 10minutes since we were lazy to farm chips... I forgot to take a screenshot, but the usual 100% head dropped!

Really excited to do new stuff tomorrow actually, I can't decide what I want to do first! I think I'll end up going with missions, since Odin/Alex will have potentially long lines!

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