Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pretty in pink!

Ok, so first of all, FT got a LOT bigger over the past week. A lot of people have been asking to join LS too, which we've been turning down. I'm not sure what caused the sudden interest in our LS; I think it's because I AFK in whitegate with town gear that not many people have (Alkalurops, SCNM hat, full morrigan etc), so then people ask about our LS?

I kind of liked a smaller LS, but this is ok too. 12 people per event has been helpful in speeding things up. A lot of people are part time too.

Did a ton of Tinnin path ZNMs throughout the week, and then did 3 actual Tinnins on Friday. Best 3 drops in a row I've seen.

Yay to Thano for finally getting alkalurops; and me/Shido/Shosei for getting a harness!

I look super cutaru!

But I think orc hat is cooler:

Also the fangs we got led to:

Pandemonium Warden Round 2 coming up?!

We pretty close to our next round of Sarameyas soon. Just need 3 Nosferatus to complete our 3 sets.

Alttab is recruiting again for whatever reason. We have 35-40 people for dynamis, and HPG wants more, joy. It's not like recruiting does anything, since out of the 15 people we get, only 1 or 2 people end up staying, if that.

He's also gotten crazy with the rules and stuff. Apparently I need /37DRK (not going to happen) by May 7th. At least we'll be doing cities soon, and it seems like Plasma has quit, so I'm next in line for PUP stuff. Also I'll be coming PUP to the cities to hopefully finish up my melee skill. It's 242/269 or something.

Saturdays Xarcabard was pretty lame, till the last 15 minutes where we unbelievably got 3 RDM hats in a row. Pretty crazy stuff.

Hmm, I thought I had more stuff to talk about but guess not!

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