Sunday, March 8, 2009

Virelai a colibri!

I did a few merit parties on COR to try and finish capping exp. The first one was a SAM SAM NIN(73) BRD COR RDM party. I forgot to parse but did do a nice Slug Shot!


My next party I did parse. Was DRG(74) DRG/SAM(75) DRK/NIN(75) BRD COR RDM.

This is mainly to the people who think COR is the exact same as BRD (aka dobu!), when it's really completely different.

Drederick=DRK/NIN; Ace's, Ebody, Homam etc
Kole=DRG/SAM(Ace's, askar, homam(that we sold to him!))

The 74DRG's ACC only being 64% was kind of startling, but guess he was super gimp!

I was pretty surprised that I ended up beating the DRK. He was very well geared. Yes, he was /NIN so that does gimp him a bit, but I was also gimped(if that's a word..) by not having DD rolls/songs 100% of the time. It's probably not the same, but I think if he did have a DD sub, and he did beat me it would've only been by a little.

And obviously I can't beat a DRG.

My ACC being only 86% was disappointing. I remember parsing a while ago with worse gear and being closer to 93%; though I don't remember the exact situation. It's possible I had madrigal on or was /RNG.

My highest slug shot in the party, 2178.

Looking at my WS damage, the low was 812, high was 2178, and average was 1367. Higher than the DRK's 843 average, and higher than his 1231 max. As for the DRG, he beat me by a little with his 1480 average.

Did 26% of the damage!

And finally, my third party:

Reave: SAM/WAR using Polearm
Caidin: WAR/NIN Dual Wield Joyeuse/another sword, maybe organics? didn't check.
Stoomie: NIN/WAR
Ecylystius: BRD/NIN

Songs were double march, which is why my WS damage was a bit lower. Not really sure why my ACC was lower, but near the end I was getting this really bad slug shot miss streak.

I think the PT could've definately benefited from madrigal more; the SAM and the NIN's ACC were terrible. The WAR's was pretty good though, even though he was dual wielding swords. And no minuet really sucks! No fun slugs :(

Still did 23% of the damge!

Here's my TP gear:

Here's my WS gear:

Hopefully I'll manage to get a party with 3 well equipped DDs this week, and parse again. I'm also curious as to how my BLU would parse, but I doubt I would find a PT on BLU.

I did do like a 20minute party as PUP!

1530 Armor Piercer!

I actualy think PUP is too much work in merits to make it fun. Constantly using manuevers, making sure to check automaton TP and hit your dark manuever so that it will Armor Piercer; making sure the automaton is in range to melee the bird when you deploy, etc..

We continued with our weekly quest to try and get Seeko his X's knife. Got our first real drop since the first time we did the fight a couple months back(Y's scythe).

Such a slap in the face! oh well.

Did it again, and got no drops at all :(

Did KS99 on Friday for the first time. It went pretty well. Had about 13-14 per fight. Beni was 2boxed by Arc and was dead half the time; Darkk was afk sick and missed a few runs; and Trina was only there for the last few.

773 MB!

If there's one thing I learned is that even without /SCH, my RDM did really good on damage. I didn't parse, but I'm pretty sure I did more than everyone in the air. I was able to last longer and stay in range which helped, where the other blms/rngs were dying.

657 Thunder 3 and 514 Water 3; no MB.

I took hate there, and was able to survive a Flame Blast+ a few hits while the tanks took it back.

No speed belt, but was a good learning experience for if we need to lowman it again.

Did a few MMM runs, Seeko scored with an earring!

And Darkk scored with a Koggelmander!

Mithroy was with us as 66BLM for an extra ES sleep, yet he somehow totally haxed and was landing enfeebles (despite naked..).



Seeko also haxed and landed Slow has 67BRD/WHM!

Stamos invited me a MMM boss run. Did his bugard, and no drops.

I decided to change my bunny setup a little, and took off stillness, since apparently stillness adds Gnole Crown to treasure, which I definitely don't want. I didn't expect the name of the NM to change though...

I'm still kind of confused on the Gnole Torque maze; there's not as much info on it as the others. It didn't do Whirl Claws, but instead did a nasty Foot Kick to Mytiwar:

1774 damage!

No drop of course :(.

We then changed to melee/TP burn setup, and it was my first time ever doing them using melees. It actually went fairly well, and was much faster than the blm es sleep burn.

I think you can actually melee these, because unlike the bunny and the bugard, with their annoying Whirl Claws/Tail Roll these don't have terribly damaging WS. You do need a lot of buffs though; 2 BRDs or CORs just to actually hit them, and hit for more than 0.

The Dhamel decided to be kind to Jiriki and drop a polearm!

Stupid Yarnball/recast blocking the stats (I should move them), but oh well! Stamos says it's good.

Hagun ENM wasn't as nice as last week, but still a nice 100k for my effort.

Tried it again, and not so nice :(

Tried Bres solo again, and finally beat his 100fists! I actually had to use food (taco) and it helped a lot. Aside from the 2hour, it's a really easy fight. Just keep slow/stoneskin/phalanx on. It only does like 40-60 damage a melee hit, even without any def gear.

Did Observant Zekka twice; no luck with Piper's Torque.

Did Salvage for the first in like 2 or 3 weeks. Chose Arrapago and it paid off(for me anyway).

and this:

Led to:

Yay for inv-3! I actually really wanted the Usukane pants, since it's the only slot I didn't have haste on PUP, and legs are actually my weakest slot overall, even for WS. LBC sucks though, and we rarely salvage. We might do it though I guess, since Seeko needs his Skadi body still and Arc/Trina want Marduk legs maybe? Probably won't be for a while though.

I am 3/3 on both Marduk pieces with those, just have no desire to spend gil on them. The tiara is replaced with my AF2 hat, and I have dalmatica so the body seems useless. I don't even play BRD that much anyway.

Fun with randoms!

Fishy owned us all when randoming for coins after limbus.

Seeko's amazing 1.

And Sho haxing with his 999 when randoming for KS99!

So at the end of my merit party earlier, our BRD asked if we could do him a favor. He went and Virelai'd a Colibri(charm), which then reflected back and charmed him. He then asked us to kill him, since he didn't have warp and wouldn't lose exp.

It was pretty clever I think... till the colibri ended up attacking our RDM and killing him! Interesting end to the party though!

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