Friday, February 27, 2009

latest !

I saw a shout for a Tyger run, and well since all I need is its tail to go 3/3, I decided what the hell, it's only 500zeni!

They asked me to come smn which was cool and a nice surprise.

Started out really rough; at about 85% both our tanks (PLD/NIN and RDM/NIN) died, and it became a kite/avatar tank time!

Lots died, but we somehow managed to hold it and recover. The Tyger island is really big, and it doesn't draw in. The rest of the fight went fairly smoothly; it only tried to do Fulmination once and we stunned it.

My damage was between 600-1100~ which was pretty nice. Plus, avatars feed 0TP and zero hate! I was in the tank pt, and Earthen Ward was kind of nice for the tanks. I'm like the only SMN in FT though...

Which got me thinking that everyone in the ls has so many redundant jobs, and I'm the only one with unique ones. Like everyone has war/sam/mnk/nin/whm/blm/brd/rdm/pld/thf/rng/drg/whatever else is common. And I'm the only one with smn/cor/pup/sch. PUP isn't that useful, but COR would be really nice for a lot of stuff for the buffs+ quick draw damage; smn is good DD for various fights (like Tyger); and SCH is just all around a good job to have.

What's even worse is that people are leveling new jobs: more war/drg/sam yay! Trina is leveling COR, but she's also brd/rdm.. so blah!

I did die near the end though; stupid Tourbillion!

Drops were less than stellar, oh well.

Got an ok drop from Hagun ENM:

410k total. I was contemplating keeping the Forager's, but changed my mind.

Sandy took La Vaule this week. I kind of wanted to find time to do Splitting Heirs, but didn't manage to. Decided to just buy the sash.

Set me back a little on my gaiters fund. I need really to start spamming Zekka, since clogs have officially stopped selling. I've even put them up for 500k, and still nothing.

Been fooling around more in Beadeaux [S]. The NMs are so much harder than La Vaule! I think Ore Lob is the worst; wipes and goes through shadows and can do 1k through stoneskin, fun!

Seeko's been helping me with the pulls/so I can formulate solo strategies without the stress of a solo/speeding up the fights. Started off with the PLD.

Seeko sac'd it to the Quadav Charm door and away we went! It's not too bad really... casts often, and turns its back to you here and there. I think I died at 50%ish to Shell Charge. Only had 1 shadow up, and apparently you need 2 for it?

Fight got kind of rough below 33% with that annoying Cure 4 spam and took forever. Definately will never solo this because of that.

Shield didn't drop, oh well.

I tried the DRK solo the next day. I pulled it to this safe little corner near where it pops. I think there might be better spots, maybe even all the way at the zone.

Taru blood!

Started off a bit rough, I didn't quite read up about it on wiki. So I accidently ended up blizzard 3ing it, and curing it for 880HP. I didn't realize it switches between magic absorbing and melee absorbing mode..

Anyway, was going well till it Ore Lob'd at 75% and one shotted me. So lame.

Tried again the next day, and got it 22% before I dc'd and of course died. It did that annoying AoE gravity move that dynamis quadavs have. Wipes shadows and did pretty decent damage.

Also messed up here and cured it for 930 HP. yay

Bio 3 healing it for 202, yay.

Tried the goblin next: Blifnix Oilycheeks. Fight till 66% is really easy; it just sits back and shoots. Once it reaches, it'll start meleeing and shooting and the fun starts!

Pretty difficult. My utsu timers were barely making it, and had some close calls with Goblin Rush.

Finally died though. No money drops again.

Tried Bres the fomor next. Unfortunately I didn't have 2hour, and kind of got owned when it did 100 hundred fists, but this one looks easy to solo. Just tons of hp.

Oh well, really hope we go 2/2 on these so I don't have to do them again!

LS did sky a lot recently. Lots of drama over Byakko's Haidate... kind of just wanted to break everyone's pearls that complained. Like seriously it's a 3 person line at most. And if you really wanted it, why not put more energy into farming and helping instead of throwing fits and complaining.

We did get 2/3 that we needed, and the last person that needs can't even equip yet so yay.

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