Friday, September 25, 2009

did Tso quit?!

The answer is no!

(FFXIAH lies and lists me as inactive, but I've logged on like 3-4days of the week at least! I just don't use the AH!)

Just been bored over the past month and a half. Started skipping dynamis, since I really just disliked doing it. I gave up on getting the AF I want, and didn't think it mattered much.

I think I just need new goals! or something. Doesn't feel like there's ever much to do, except the usual boring sky/sea farming.

FT has gotten a lot smaller. Pretty much everyone has quit/disappeared/left linkshell except the core members: Arc/Seeko/Dobu/Thano/Krosis/Ketna/Weezy, which kind of puts the linkshell at 8-9 people total. If I ever get back to playing seriously again, I strongly perfer the LS to stay small. When the LS was huge, it became such a mess/headache.

I did the July Update stuff. New WoTG missions were fun, but they won't be finished untill March 2010 probably...

Moogle expansion was ok. I finished it on the second tonight with a semi pick up group on our first try. I STILL haven't picked out a hat. I couldn't decide, and then I started playing less and didn't care.

Augmented item fun! I solo'd the turtle in VoS, and got some awesome dusk gloves! Go -enmity!

Still doing Einherjar; still haven't spent my ampoules. Don't think I'll spend anything till I have enough to buy every single item possible.

I did get dfeet from Odin though!

This was the biggest lootpool I ever saw in Einherjar too.

Ok that's it! Just wanted to post that I'm still alive and haven't quit. Just nothing interesting to post about, so I didn't!

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