Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Duo Zirnitra!

Finally killed this! As a duo, none the less!

Did it as RDM/NINx2. It actually was surprisingly kind of easy, we won on our first try! Took us about 90mins~ to kill it.

Make sure to bring a LOT of echo drops. Silencega isn't your friend. I think we used about 2 stacks each.

We really didn't know what we were doing, and kind of just decided to see how it went. Started off by kiting it around the little area, which kind of worked. It's huge, and its pathing glitched around the tiny rocks. After a bit of that, we decided to just straight tank, and ping pong it around, which worked pretty well.

Pre-50%, it's tame. Doesn't do any dangerous TP moves really, so just slowly take it down. Bio3/Poison2 on it, and nuke with Blizzard 3. It's resistant to nukes, but we still managed to get about 260~ damage blizzard 3 around 50% of the time. Slow doesn't work, and paralyze never landed, so don't bother. For silencega, I recommend just running as soon as you see it start casting it. You won't be able to out run it, but you'll be able to get some distance on it, and enough time to use an echo drop+cast ni. Usually we had the other RDM (not the one being cast on) get it's attention when it was casting, so that it'd also give them silenced RDM a few more seconds to recover, especially if ni wasn't up.

The only 2 TP moves it has were Reaving Wind (TP reset+ knockback), just run away from that, and Storm Wing (400damage~+silence), but it should rarely do them, since you'll be barely feeding it any TP.

Below 50%, it gets a little tougher since it has access to Calamitous Wind (600-700damage+full AoE dispel), Feral Peck(AoE Throat Stab), and Warped Wail (HP/MP down, though not significant).

For Calamitous Wind, it only does it after Reaving Wind, and it does it twice. You can outrun it as long as you are over 20' away. Basically, as soon as you see it do Reaving Wind, immediately start running away. A few seconds after, it'll do Calamitous (which you should hopefully be out of range for, but the animation will still go off as you can see below), and then it'll take a few more steps, and try Calamitous again. When running away, be careful not to run too far; if you leave its area, it'll just draw in both of you, and then Calamitous which would be bad.

For Feral Peck, it's range is actually rather tiny. We were able to outrun it easily; just run as soon as you see it readying it. It also drew us in+ Feral Peck a few times, but again just run as soon as you are drawn in. If it DOES hit, it doesn't wipe shadows, and of course since it's a throat stab move, it can't actually kill you; so just recover.

Warped Wail isn't very threatening; it's like -50HP/MP.

Only the pigment dropped! Which was what I wanted anyway though.

Overall it really wasn't bad at all. We were playing safe a lot, I'm sure we could cut the total fight time down by a bit. Big thanks to Riki for trying it with me! Though I had to beg forever, and he had no faith we'd win! I really need to find more people to go on crazy adventures with me! Wish more people would be like "sure! sounds fun!" when I ask, instead of like "uh.....what's the strat again? don't think we can win...". Well maybe if we actually tried, then we'd be able to build a strategy and win! You can't figure out stuff by not actually trying.

Decided to try and go after some of the remaining unknown NMs in hopes of obtaining a Spurrer Beret. Unfortunately no luck popping 3~ of them, and took 10 kills on this stupid troll to get this:

Yay for a club! Never going to replaces staves, and I don't even have hexa so...

Back to killing demons in Xarc!

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shamayaasura said...

Pretty impressive. Would like to try something like this myself, but not sure if I have the iron balls-of-steel required.