Friday, November 27, 2009

Initial Fomor Kings Exploration!

Tried the new fomor NMs! Started off with the Galka, Elatha.

We had 5 people in the beginning: RDM/NINx2 BLM/NINx2 WHM/SCH. A little bit into the fight we realized that /SCH wasn't the best SJ for our WHM, /NIN would've been much better. Will definitely do that next time.

Two Explosures(bombs) spawn in his area as well, but they both con EP, and are on the standard 16minute dungeon repop. We just killed them as they popped, wasn't that big of a deal.

Hate is REALLY random. I have no idea how people are using normal tank parties on this. Any little thing, and it'll run off and attack someone else, which is why /NIN should be required for everyone. Not only for the random hate though, it also counters all magic with an instant Blizzard IV of its own(think like the Beaudeaux[s] SCNM Observant Zekka).

It's ice based, and casts all the standard ice based spells: Blizzaga3, Blizzard 4, Bindga, Paralyga, and Freeze. It also casts some ice based blue magic: Cold Wave (Small AoE Frost, heavy damage/tic), Frost Breath(400~ damage + paralyze), and Ice break (AoE bind+ 100-200damage). The -ga black magic spells wipe shadows as typical, but the blue magic spells don't which is nice. His Blizzaga3 is surprisingly weak too, doesn't even break a capped stoneskin.

In terms of melee attacks, he hits fairly hard (400-500 a swing), but incredibly slow. If it wasn't for all his shadow wiping -ga spells, I'd have no problems ichi tanking it, even without any form of slow/elegy on it. It has the standard GS weaponskills, none of them are dangerous except for Shockwave, which is AoE damage+ sleepga. It uses the normal fomor TP moves too, like Grim Halo (AoE, can be blocked by shadows), Carnal Nightmare (AoE TP reset), and Netherspikes (bind+damage, can be blocked by 2-3shadows).

Wiki claimed that it "levels up" when you cast any spell that would give it a status effect, so we avoided bio. I leveled up anyway, despite us not casting anything on it other than nukes. At about 50% it seemed to reach its max level, and stopped leveling up, which is when we started to bio it anyway, since it didn't matter. It does have an auto-regen, so any little bit to counter that helps. We stopped worrying about level ups when we moved onto the other NMs too.

You only want to cast fire spells on it. I think all the level ups made it more resistant, especially for the RDMs. I was having no problems in the beginning, but once it reached its max level, I considered it lucky to get a 50% resist.

At 35% it can start to 2hour, Blood Weapon. When it does that, its attack speed literally becomes 100 fists, which is annoying because if he gets through your shadows, he'll just heal itself. I think our first Blood Weapon he healed himself almost 12%. Best way we found to deal with it was to abuse draw in. Kite it away, and it'll draw you in back to it's spawn point, which gives you breathing time to utsu, and then kite away again.

We had 3 more people join as the fight went on. Got a Dull Claymore drop(the level1 aern weapon), but no Britca's cuffs! Going to have to spam this one.

Next we tried Buarainech.

A LOT easier. I'd say the easiest of the 5 probably. Same strategy applies: RDM and BLM/NINs. He's thunder based, which is actually nice, since it doesn't have annoying paralyze spells. Obviously cast stone instead of fire. There's 2 scorpions in the room, instead of 2 bombs, which isn't much different.

It levels up if you buff apparently. We didn't even bother trying to avoid it, and really noticed no difference when it leveled up.

It casts thunder magic, but they are just as weak as the ice spells Elatha had. His blue magic selection isn't amazing either. There was Temporal Shift (AoE stun), and Mind Blast (small damage+ paralyze).

It uses polearm WS, which are slightly worse than GS, since they're multi hit. Was pretty fun watching something Penta Thrust you though.

At 35% it can start doing Spirit Surge, which really did nothing except give it endoom. Just bounce hate/shadow block it. Use Holy Water if it goes through, problem solved!

Horrible drops!

We wiped to the next 2 fomors unfortunately.

Ethniu! Basically a disaster. Not really much to say except its pop area has a ton of mobs compared to the other NMs. 6 Goblins, and 4 Gazers. Our plan was to have a THF and DNC duo the adds as they popped, while the RDMs/BLMs took care of Ethniu itself. Unfortunately what we failed to realize was that it's immune to all magic anyway, so we would have never won. It also attacks extremely quickly too, and hard (200-300 damage). No slow or elegy since it's wind based. Needless to say, it was a quick wipe.


We did a little better here. I think our lowest was 85%. It has a 100% double attack proc, which is annoying. Black magic spells are just as weak, but his blue magic was a little stronger. Heat Breath did 700~ damage.

En-plague was frustrating too without an actual WHM that wasn't being 2boxed. I think we could probably win though, with a dedicatd WHM and maybe an extra person or two to help bounce hate.

Didn't try the taru, Tethra! Hopefully soon!

Oh, and I got my Spurrer Beret! Went 1/2, so yay for that.

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