Saturday, November 28, 2009

PUP infinite chain solo

Really fast update on something really cool!

Ok so I only got chain 22, but technically you could go on forever! Basically the only thing that can stop you is a resist/overload (and even then you can still keep the chain) and boredom.

You'll probably need capped magic merits/optimization and a piece of MAB gear (AF2 feet, ACP body, random augments). Go PUP/COR for Corsair's Roll. Camp is in Xarcabard[s] right where you OP into. There's a bunch of Gigas BST in the area.

Just use the standard Water>Icex3 maneuvers and run around one shotting the pets. If you get a resist/overload, I would just nuke>deactive>nuke again without manuevers. The 2 weaker nukes will be enough to kill.

I think EXP/hr is maybe like 10k or 11k/hour, so it's not great, but not horrible either. Would be better if Sigil gave an exp bonus though.

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