Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Nyzul is still stingy. Can't seem to get Goliard body or Askar head to drop. But we did get my first real appraisal ever:(!!!)

Here's a Denali bonnet dropping. Look at the lots...

Also, totally failed a few days ago and entered with the wrong SJ:

Was kind of funny, since we ended up getting Soulflayers on like two floors too.

I've been meriting a lot lately, in order to cap PUP merits. Mainly have been doing it on COR/WAR. My Slugs are like 1k~ without minuet, and like 1.3-1.5k~ with minuet. With a better DRK roll/AF2 hat proc I've managed to go as high as this though:

1802 isn't bad at all. Also scored my highest chain ever:

Meriting really isn't that bad when all you parties are BRD/COR 27k/hour+.

Alt-Tab did Dynamis-Buburimu this week, and we really need more practice at CoP dynamis. First, it always takes us like an extra hour just to enter, which is very very annoying to me. Then, we make zero plans whatsoever. Nobody has any idea what mobs were going to kill to weaken the boss, where they're located, and what nightmare mobs we'll be focusing on post boss. Everything is kind of just done as we go along, which ends up being a disaster. Half the linkshell ends up getting lost, MPK'd, etc.. We managed to beat the boss at least, but really, the runs could be A LOT better if we took 5 minutes to organize before we started the run. Echo used to do bubu a lot with like 15-18 people, and we'd beat the boss in 30mins, without any mass wipes usually because we were much more organized.

Of course PUP didn't drop. The only accessory that ended up dropping was RNG. Also we ended up mass wiping to a huge mandy pull near the end of the run, was kind of funny:

We've started to do a little bit of salvage again, back to bhaflau for everyone's favorite bees! No luck with them popping at all, but Gate Widow managed to pop like 6 times for us, which is definately the most NMs I've seen off 1 rampart ever. Unfortunately, only one dropped anything at all:

Yay for Maew! He has the 25, but the 15 is a frog 15, which is a total pain.

Using the earlier mentioned merit parties, I've managed to mostly cap PUP merits. Right now I'm at:

Automaton Magic: 5/5

Group 2:
Fine Tuning:2/5
Role Reversal:1/5

Which basically maxes my magic attack, and allows me access to blizz4/fire 4.

I've done a few tests on wamouras, and my numbers are pretty impressive:

1636 Blizzard IV is definately higher than what my blm can do on neutral day/weather.

Also combining Blizzard4/Drain from myself I'm able to essentially take a wamoura from 100-59% in a single nuke:

The EXP is pretty good too:

Chain 4 easily reached.

PUP/SCH is pretty fun to play as actually. The Automaton can do a lot of things that normal players can't do, like cast and run at the same time. Also, since the automaton is nuking, it frees the player to cast an actual spell of his own. With /SCH your Dark/Enfeebling magic skill is B+, so you can actually cast Drain for some pretty nice damage. It's also fun to be able to cast blizzard4/sleep at the same time, completely removing the need for gravity.

Going to try and think of some solos I can do with this. I'm probably going to end up selling all my RDM tank gear and buy some hermes sandles for soloing.

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