Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nyzul Isle is lame and skill up for life!

First: Me in wedding gear! Trina temporarily gave it to me to hide it from Arc and I couldn't resist trying it on! Looks super cutaru!


My first couple of runs in MMM:

Without any specific runes, the mobs seemed completely random. We had various elementals to marlboros to crawlers to birds. Wasn't terribly difficult with a somewhat balanced party. Managed to ding 75 PUP in here also:

Overall, MMM's pretty cool. We've gotten some more rune specific stuff, like Maew got a "Dragon family" rune, which populated the maze with dahaks and wyverns. Rosemarie got a liquidation voucher, however all it did was a spawn 1 high level elemental that corresponded to the day. It gives a static 200exp, and we haven't see a rune from it yet. I tried a trial by velocity rune, but we ended up getting 14 elementals... with a TP burn setup.

We did some La Vaule SCNMs. Was pretty fun, despite the constant deaths. I think I lost about 7k on RDM, and 10k on SMN.

Here's Agrios:

It was pretty easy I think. Slow landed easily, it attacks fairly slow anyway, and doesn't double attack at all. It's two TP moves, Grand Slam and Power Attack aren't so bad either. Grand Slam wipes 2-3 shadows, but does minimal damage (200~ each), and Power Attack is just a single shadow move. No sac pull is required either for this one, and you can kite for a little if you get into trouble. I'll probably try and solo this one day when I'm bored.


I actually thought this one was a pain. The pull was terrible. Napo tried to sac it to the river, but half way through it decided to suddenly stop. So then I tried to sac it to the river, but for some reason, unlike Napo's sac, the mobs didn't link with mine. Anyway, got it to the river and it hit fairly hard, and the Call of Moon spam was frustrating. It wasn't as bad as some of the others, just annoying.

We did the BLM NM next, the one that constantly summons vials which bind/silence/paralyze/poison you. VERY VERY VERY annoying NM! I don't have any good pics, since I was constantly dead/running/trying to not die. I easily lost 6k alone on this horrible NM.


We tried this first as SMN/WHM RDM/NIN RDM/NIN BLM/WHM and was a total disaster. Nobody had echos, and it was just ugh.

Tried again two days later as BST/WHMx2 SMN/WHM RDM/WHM BLM/WHM and it was still annoying, but doable. The main annoying factor, like the BLM NM was the binding of the pets.

Anyway, managed to go 8/8 so we now have a SCNM bc set!

Have been continuing to try and get a Goliard Siao. Pick up runs haven't been the greatest. Either barely winning, or just flat out failing. I had one tonight where we only managed to get to 78, after having an order lamp floor.

Wins have been either no drop, or denali or askar unfortunately:

Trina dc'd right as the boss died, but luckily Arc managed to log her back in time to lot and win the askar.

All of this Nyzul without my static in full has really made me realize how good we were at it. My pickup runs have struggled to kill cerb even with SV songs, and all the melees 2houring; yet we didn't have much problems with 2hours (even with Magma Hoplon spam). Also just general climbing has been a chore, with people aggroing random mobs, not understading lamps, etc.

Really would like this to drop already so I can put some tags into Nyzul40 runs, to get denali legs for my Quick Draw build.

Since PUP is 75, I've started my mass skill up session, and well it's been going rather slow. I've done about 100 levels in magic, capped H2H, got Stringing Pummel, and I'm still not even close to being done. Magic needs about 50 more levels, and so do melee and ranged. I've just been going to Steelshells with Soulsoother semi afking watching Gossip Girl while it spams Cure V on me. Melee shouldn't be too bad, since I can use Valoredge which can take a few hits, and spam thunder maneuvers/wind. Ranged though, is probably going to be terrible.

My goal is to hopefully be done with skilling up by Christmas, so hopefully that'll happen!

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