Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yay new stuff!


On Tuesday, I grabbed the SCH AF2 feet from windy. I knew they were not going to be that great, but I spent points on them anyway, curious about what the enhancement to Alacrity/Celerity was. Needless to say, the fact that it only works with spells that match with the current weather, rather than any weather is very disappointing. Add in the fact that it would be very difficult (for me anyway) to macro them in for the start of a nuke, and then quickly to change to yigit for when the nuke goes off, makes it an extremely situational piece. Best use I've found is weakened/mass raising people.

However on Saturday, I got the big AF2 piece:

Dropped about 5minutes into the run. Really lucked out on this with my 955 lot (against some 92x lot no less), and the fact that the person with a significant amount of points hadn't entered yet.

Also during that run I snagged a free lot SMN body piece, something I had wanted for a very long time, and on Tuesday I got some nifty PUP AF2 hands (yay for haste!).

I've had some really good luck in Alt-Tab I think, especially compared to my previous dynamis experiences. I'm especially glad I got my RDM hat when I did, considering a whole bunch of new people have suddenly leveled it, and were not doing Xarcabard nearly as much.

Did a lot of PUP exp over the weekend. Managed to get 71. I've found the Puk camp to be the absolute worst for PUP out of all the parties I've been to. Wind shear is very annoying, and the flashga move is terrible, especially since it seems that my automaton loves to use its weaponskill while flashed. Definately prefer the nicer colibri exp, or even Aydeewa.

My skills have fallen quite far behind, but I'm not too worried. Once I get 75, I will work on capping everything. Hopefully ranged won't be too bad.

I've been thinking about PUP gear a lot as I approach closer and closer to 75. So far I have:

Weapon: Hades Sainti
Head: Walahra(TP), Optical(WS)
Neck:PCC. Need to work on gorget for Stringing Pummel.
Body: Pahluwan Body. Alt-Tab is doing Beauc again on Tuesday, and I'm next for AF2 body, so hopefully it drops. I also want Enkidu's Harness, so might go back to zeni farming after I finish merits. Goliard body is another I want. Lots of work here.
Hands:AF2 Hands(TP), Enkidu Hands(WS), also have the 35 for usukane hands, so might finish that.
Legs:Enkidu(WS),Cobra leggings(TP). Usukane is going to be tough, so going for the ashu talif legs.
Feet:Enkidu(TP and WS for now). Usukane is obvious improvement, but if we get another pair, I am definately passing the first to Thano. And once we get hers, I'd rather use any run that would be dedicated to me for more Powderkeg fun.
Back:Belliclose. AF2 is better, and Alt-Tab will be starting a CoP tour soon. Unfortunately, I will probably be second in line for them.
Waist:Swift(TP), Potent(WS). I think this is good enough for now
Earrings:Brutal,Coral. Might update to Merman's.

I mainly need to get some better TP legs I think, which I tried today by doing the first ashu talif. Unfortunately, we wiped to the penultimate wave.

Pretty lame, multipla GA3s= death.

Later tried Nyzul 80, with Arc, Seeko, and 3 randoms. First run was a disaster, ended up timing out/wiping on floor 79. Just a really bad combo of floors. Second run we managed to win, despite a few deaths, however it unfortunately decided to drop nothing.

I had 9 merits stored up, so I used them on SCH. Put 1 into Stormsurge and 1 into Enlightenment. I think I'll be going 5/5 in both categories. Stormsurge is a non-depreciating +7 to a specific stat for 3 minutes is very nice I think.

Going 5/5 on enlightenment will reduce the recast time to 5minutes, from 10. A lot of people seem disappointed in Enlightenment, because, despite the description, doesn't optimize both white magic and black magic spells. So if you were to cast Thunder IV in Light Arts with enlightenment, you'd still be stuck with the poor elemental magic skill and the +20% MP cost/casting time. I still think it's really useful though, especially for accessing -na spells, erase while in dark arts nuking. And while healing in light arts, gaining access to Sleep II, where you will still get the bonus to enfeebling magic.

Another reason for going 5/5 in enlightenment is perhaps because the strategems seem mediocore at best.

The -enmity ones are perhaps the worst out of all our strategems, and yet the cost 2 charges. You can already reach a significant amount of -enmity for curing without this strategem, and for nuking I think there's better strategems to use your charges on.

The magic accuracy ones seem interesting, but again, the two charge cost is a little steep. Altruism could be nice for slow/paralyze, but in general I am able to land these spells without too much trouble. Anything very difficult to enfeeble is usually done with ES, or a RDM will be slow IIing it anyway. From the testing I've seen with 1 merit it doesn't seem to do much, possibly with 5 merits it might, but even then if 5 merits DOES produce a significant amount of magic accuracy to create an elemental seal like effect, the Dark Arts version, Focalization seems like a much better choice. I could see a 2minute mini-ES being very useful, especially with SCH's weaker elemental magic skill build. However I don't think it's going to quite reach that power, and I don't do HNMs making it silly for me to merit.

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Good one on enlightenment and it helps a lot.

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