Friday, December 12, 2008

Long time no post!

Haven't posted in a long time...but I got a lot of new things:

1)RDM Hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) 14/15 Morrigan's. I've actually been 14/15 for a few months now, but powderkeg is horrible and will never drop her elusive slops. I'm probably like 0/80+ now. It's really making me hate salvage.
3) I leveled 2 new jobs:

And I'm leveling PUP now, currently at 69, 75 soon!

I don't actually get to use my SCH or COR that much unfortunately. I use SCH in limbus, because rr2/r2 is nice, and it can replace blm for the manaburnable paths.
COR is my merit only job though. Hard to really find situations to use it except for that, since everything I do is lowman, and I'm the only (well Arcangel doesn't count, gimp elvaan!) RDM in the ls.

My PUP will probably end up being worse, despite the fact I'm pouring an insane amount of gil into it. BLU is another job I like (that is again, very well geared) that I never use. I think once PUP is 75 and merited, I'm going to try and find some situations to use these jobs more. It gets a little tiring to always be RDM.

Update was earlier this week, not much changed really. The missions were fantastic, however the fact that the next mission update we'll get is probably in June (since if they follow the quest>mission>quest>mission updates), the March update will continue the nation quests. it's really unfortunate I think, since the storyline is actually interesting, and the cinematic team has improved quite a bit over the years.

I don't really have any SS so that ends this update. I'll try and remember to SS everything I do so I'll have stuff to post about!

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Suthep said...

I'm RDM also but I guess I don't count either :(