Friday, December 4, 2009

Tsola to the rescue!

I was so bored and had some free time so I decided to update!

In LS related news, the LS has gotten a LOT bigger. We went from about 9-10 members total to 19 members in about a month. Wasn't even trying to recruit or anything, just a bunch of really good people decided to apply. I think other linkshells (like AZ) deciding to go social only helped, since people that wanted to keep doing events needed a new LS. I'm not really sure if I like the sudden doubling in size of the LS, but I guess maybe it'll work. Just is a lot harder to organize from a leader a perspective (and a leader that gets lazier to lead everyday...). More drama regarding drops/more schedules to keep track of.

Ok enough about that! Stuff I did:

Dryroot doesn't do einherjar anymore, so I decided to finally spend more ampoules since I wasn't gaining any more of them. I bought Aslan Cape/Gleeman's Cape, in addition to the Buccaneer's belt I bought earlier. More MND/INT for RDM never hurts! I still have enough ampoules to buy 1 more item, but I'm not sure yet. Morgana's looks kind of nice, but so does Omega ring, and Kubira Bead Necklace and Animator +1 (for my super awesome taru PUP!) I guess I still want everything! I've been lazy about finding a new linkshell though; DR's time was like perfect for me because it was just as I got home from work, so I could log on>immediately einherjar>free for the rest of the day. It would never interfere with either FT events, or personal events since it was so early in the day too. I think I might try and join some weekend JP shell maybe, wouldn't be too bad to go every Sunday morning.

More ZNMs!

I tried out SMN on Tinnin for fun. It worked pretty well I think. SMN merit BPs are nice when you cap them.

Grand Fall did 952 every time, which is pretty nice, considering it's hate free. Was nice to be able to DD carefree for once.

I also MBed Thunderstorm! 1147! It made me kind of wish I changed some of my add on augments (particularly ACP) around for Pet: MAB.

Got ok drops:

TP burned Sarameya. Much easier than I thought it would be. Even without a full alliance, you don't need 2hours to do it.

Still no haidate, but we did sell a Sarameya's Hide that dropped (no pic though!).

I finally got to try Sandworm!

It was only Serket, but it was still cool. I guess I was a little disappointed on the difficulty. It didn't seem to do anything special; I kept waiting for some crazy attack and nothing happened! I think the entire fight took less than 10minutes; I'm pretty sure running through Meriphtaud (hateeeeeeeeeee Meriphtaud!) and waiting to get Doomvoided in took longer... I was scared to take hate/miss stun too, so I barely nuked.

Did so much sea, in particular JoL and JoJ over the past 2 weeks.

We did 8 JoJ straight in one night. I've been trying to find people that would want to try and 6man it with me, but nobody ever wants too! So I used our full alliance as a test run kind of! 2 BLM/SCH is by FAR the best way to handle the adds. Parsimony + AM2 one shots the adds, and is far better than having 2 BLMs nuke. Usually 1 of the BLM messes up the timing and you end up getting Mijin-ed, that never happens when you one shot them. Also, SAM tanks destroy Justice. Our kill speed was dramatically reduced over PLD tanks.

Went 1/8 on torque!

JoL is still as boring as ever though. We did get quite a few torques, and a decent amount of Novios though. LS is almost capped (kind of!). So hopefully we'll never have to do sea again for a while.

Did some more fomors. Elatha decided to be nice and dropped my cuffs!

Tried Tehtra once. I used a strategy that was posted on BG about using RNG for DD. I really don't see how that works, unless we were doing something terribly wrong. Half the shots were doing zero damage; nuking was FAR more effective. You just can't nuke while it's casting, or you'll heal it.

We wiped eventually, but I think we could do it if we started as the right jobs from the start. It's probably the weakest in terms of offensive damage of the 5; Slowga is annoying though.

More omegas! Funny drop!

Tanoshii is my new favorite person! Always willing to start (lame) drama for my entertainment!

That's it for now!

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