Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm still waiting for presents! Don't worry if you accidentally forgot to send me something in time, I accept presents year round! Just send away!

FFXI has been nice to me recently, got a ton of stuff!

I decided to go do some ENMs, and FINALLY got lucky!

Yay Hagun!

Even Brothers gave me a drop!

Started soloing ISNMs, so that nobody else can steal the only ore drop away from me!

Compliments to the Chef (Talacca Cove) is really easy. Run in, gravity, chainspell nuke. Convert when needed, and keep nuking. My chainspell nuke, assuming no resists, takes it from 100% to 48%.

After that, kite it around using gravity and bind, and bio for damage (it resists poison). You don't want to spam gravity/bind since it builds resist to them. I'd only use one of them at a time, and occasionally use neither. It has pathing problems, so it's easy to kite.

Nuke/Convert when you have MP, and it'll die! Takes me between 12-17minutes to kill on average, so plenty of room for error.

Yay for an ore!

LS did a bunch of SCNMs the other day. Went and solo'd 8/8 of the NMs in preparation.

No good money drops, but oh well!

Hat finally dropped though, and I win!

LS did Ultima. It was actually my first Ultima in about 2.5 years I think. Last Ultima I did was when I got my Nashira legs!

It was so much easier than I remember it being. PLDs surviving Citadel Buster make it so much easier to deal with.

Feet dropped too! Now my SMN is super awesome!

Byakko was nice and gave me a haidate! Go BRD TP gear! Now I just need N abj for super BRD WS!

Fomors haven't been as nice as everything else though. Basically nothing dropping at all.

Really want the MAB/Ele skill feet!

Finally got the kill on Lugh/Ethniu though. Much easier to TP burn.

Also want these feet for PUP/COR TP and BLU Big 3! It was kind of funny, for some reason the THFs had hate exclusively in both fights, and died in both fights.

I did Gulool Ja Ja with a shout group a few weeks ago.

Fight wasn't that hard. 4 RDM/NINs to hold one add each, and then everyone else was for Ja Ja. I think the weird part was what jobs they chose for their DD. Ranged damage would have been the best here, but we only had 1 RNG. We had a DRG for some reason. While he did good damage, being in AoE range was annoying. Oh and we had a BLU/THF which would've been good too, except he was meeleing, which kind of defeated the purpose of Cannonball.

Also seemed to lack healers; I think an extra WHM would've made the fight smoother. Regardless we won!

Don't forget to send me presents!

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