Sunday, December 20, 2009

X's knife solo

Not really new or anything but I did it for fun! Wasn't even that hard, even though I messed up quite a bit.

Only meds I used: 2 charges of my reraise pin (you lose exp in here, sad!), and 2 Tavnazian Tacos. Oh, and 1 echo drop!

Make sure to buff OUTSIDE the BC. Buffs aren't removed when you enter, so you should be fully buffed with rr and full HP/MP when you enter. Once you enter you're going to want to immediately begin the fight.

Elemental Seal>Chainspell>Sleepga>bind the rabbit>nuke Shikaree X down. The rabbit is immune to sleep, so that's why you need to bind it separately. Something to be careful of: X is a BST/NIN mob, which means she has access to Utsusemi, which she CAN use. She did this to me (can see below). If that happens, cast sleepga to wipe her shadows and continue with the nukes. it took me about 600MP of nukes to kill her.

Stupid mithra casting Utsusemi Ni!

What makes this a little bit challenging, is that all sleeps only last for half their duration. So Sleep 1 is 30seconds, and Sleep2 for 45 seconds. More than likely just as use finish X, the other 2, Y and Z, will wake up. When they wake up, Z will Call Wyvern. Its wyvern doesn't have that much HP, and you could probably (and should try) to chainspell nuke it down too. You'll probably need to convert to have enough mp for the wyvern though. I didn't get to do this on my attempt and still won, so if you don't manage to kill off the wyvern with CS, it's not the end.

After the chainspell nuke phase is over, die as fast as possible, let the mobs reset (aside from the rabbit, it won't move at all and that's fine, it won't aggro), get up, rebuff, and wait for weakness.

The nice thing is that the rabbit will now be completely out of the fight until the end, when you need to kill it. It won't aggro/link with the mithras at all, so just completely ignore it. You should only have 2 or 3 mobs to deal with now (depending of if you killed the wyvern during the CS part or not).

Once I was unweakened, and ES timer was up, I once again did ES +Sleepga, then bound+gravity the wyvern(just like rabbit, it's immune to sleep), and nuked it down. I actually got unlucky here and it resisted two of my nukes, so it took longer to kill than it should have; Y and Z had woken up and started hitting me as I was finishing it off.

Can see it resisting me twice in these pics :( Even with all my gear! FFXI and it's random resist generator thing!

Once wyvern was down, I decided to kill Y next. Z is DRG/WHM and has some Magic Defense Bonus, so I figured it would be harder/longer to kill. I basically just kited everywhere and Bio3/Poison2 it to death, with occasional nukes. I think in future fights I'll probably try and be more aggressive here to cut down on time.

Both mobs stop to cast spells often, giving you time to cure/stoneskin/nuke if needed. Bind also lands without the needs for ES, so I used to bind Z, and nuke Y when it was casting on me. Only problem with this is Z casts Blink, so when blink absorbed bind that was annoying. Z also buffs herself and Y with shell2, so you may want to dispel. She can also cure3 when below 33%, but she doesn't do this 100% of the time.

After like 10 minutes of dot/occasional nuke, Y died!

Once just Z and the rabbit are left, the fight is much easier. You can be really aggressive nuking Z down, since you're only fighting one mob now. Make use of ES sleep when you need it, as well as bind. She should die pretty fast.

If you look at timestamps, took me about 3:30 from death Y and Z.

Once Z is down, rest up as much MP as you need (watch the clock), then kill the rabbit.

Sleep doesn't work, but both gravity and bind do, just spam nuke away!

Don't forget to pop the chest to watch your knife not drop!

My time wasn't that great, but still had 2 minutes to spare! It was my first try too, so always room to improve.

I think this is actually a good way to try and get your knife. It doesn't cost any expensive meds, and you don't have to bother others for help every week. If you do have people helping though, I would just try and split up if possible. You can always share lootpools, and it's much better to have 2 or 3 tries at a knife per week, instead of only 1.

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