Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mother Globe Duo!

I've been wanting to do this for a while ever since Rotaru showed me a video of 2 JPs doing it! We tried a few months ago, and failed, but came back today for revenge and won easily!

We did it as BLU/NIN (me) and RDM/NIN (Rotaru). I usually don't say this, but I think it wouldn't have worked out at all if my BLU didn't have an excellent MAB build (ie full morrigan's, novio). It might be possible without, but you'll probably need some add-on augments geared towards MAB maybe.

For my nuking gear I used:

Neptune's Staff/Bugard Strap+1/Phantom Tathlum
Morrigan's Coronal/Faith Torque/Moldavite/Novio
Morrigan's Robe/Morrigan's Cuffs/Tamas/Snow
Prism Cape/Penitent's Rope/Morrigan's Slops/Morrigan's Pigaches

Basic strategy is to have the RDM/NIN focus on Mother Globe itself using the typical RDM solo sky strategy: bio/poison/bind gravity when needed. The BLU/NIN is in charge of dealing with the Slave Globes.

I used regurgitation and feather storm to kill the slaves. When they pop, regurgitation. Not only does it do significant damage, but it also binds the target. My regurgitations would almost one shot, and then I'd follow up with feather storm to finish it off. I did occasionally one shot with regurgitation when I used it from behind, since regurgitation gets a bonus when used from behind. It was nice when it happened, but I never planned for it. When the slaves spawn, they will immediately go for Mother Globe's target, the RDM, so you'll want to get it off the RDM as soon as you can.

I think the pull is the hardest part. Since MG actually has all her slaves globes alive with her, you have to kill them during the pull too. In a normal setup, most people use BLM to one shot with Thundaga3. Obviously there's no BLM here, so you'll have to use BLU's own ga3: Maelstrom!

Maelstrom gear is the exact same as Regurgitation gear. From the screenshot above, you can see I did 700~ damage, which is over 100 necessary. I used Memento Mori+ 2hour to be safe.

The RDM should Chainspell utsusemi during the pull too. We got unlucky and Mother Globe decided to cast Thundaga 3, its worst spell, during the pull. Burst or Shock would have been nicer!

I hasted myself via Refueling, and Ro took care of refreshes. MP Drainkiss was VERY kind in this fight; I aspired for over 100 many times.

Only problems that came up were when my regurgitation got resisted. When that happened, Ro finished it off with a blizzard3. This only happened twice in the entire fight though.

Overall I'd say other than the pull it was an easy fight. Ro haxed lot and won the springstone.

But I'll have her failing utsu screenshot on the internet forever! So in the end I win again!