Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gil, drama, and tavnazia!

I've been soloing Cogtooth a lot more lately; letting people leeching the box for the SCNM. Lots of money drops!

At this rate I only need 14 more of them to drop to afford gaiters I think!

I totally messed up and let one of them die unclaimed though :( It was at 1% and I was getting careless, so I ran a little too far down the river...only to get charmed by the eye NM. Then Cogtooth decides to die from poison! So no drops for me :(

I did the Hagun enm again, no drop :(

We scheduled a sky farming run on like Thursday because everyone was like "I want haidate/neptunal abj gear/random stuff!!", and then nobody showed up...

Started off as just me/Darkk. Did Zip then Faust.

Thano came up next, so we tried for MG. Didn't really quite work out; I died on the pull and it pretty much just went from bad to worse. Another ls with like a 754980 people got it Ketna came up next and raised us. They were doing really poorly, and eventually wiped.

We recovered faster, since it was only 4 of us. Tried having Ketna pull, but it didn't quite work again and we both died. Thano/Darkk died again soon after. The other LS got it again.

They died AGAIN (they had like the strangest alliance of people ever; 6 NINs 1 WHM 5 BLMs 1 THF and 1 DNC), so then we got it! Got it to about 5%, made a mistake and me/Darkk died. We RRed and was about to deliver the final nuke...when a blm in the other LS killed it...

It was still attacking Thano, and Ketna was alive as well. I always hate when people say "Yellow=fair game" because it's such a silly attitude. It's just common sense/courtesy to wait until everyone in the opposing alliance has died before taking. That's what we did when they wiped. Meh, oh well.

We went to SC after and got it fairly easily.

We went to Diorite after since Seeko logged on. No drop after 1.5hours :(.

The MG incident is kind of the reason I hate sky, and running around all over waiting for NMs to repop, then rushing to claim is also annoying. It was really dissappointing that nobody came up (except Ketna) to help, since we would've definately gotten MG with another person. And I hate having to specifically ask or tell people to come to events, since it should just be common sense to come if you're online.

I made a Gnole Torque maze this week too. The bunny was crazy strong, and totally destroyed us..

Went back the next day as 5 BLM/NINs and a WHM/BLM. Just did ES sleep>nuke order and won! No drop of course.

Going to try and alternate this and the Bugard till Thano/Darkk/Seeko/Arc can finish their maze.

I went to Dynamis-Sandoria as PUP/SCH to try nuking this time. It went fairly well.

My puppet: 1371. BLM: 990.

848 nuke on a statue, then a drain from myself to one 1shot it.

1494 against a Grappler.

I was also able to land Sleep on mobs as well. So while BLM is obviously still better because of sleepga1/2, PUP does ok nuking damage if you need it.

Saturday I put together a Tavnazia run, which some of Alttab's members were less than pleased with...

I don't even see what the big deal was. HPG decided that Valentine's Day would be a free run (which was silly, since both his run and my tavnazia combined had about 30 people; and more would've came if you would get points from it). He decided (no vote or anything) to do Windy to try and farm shells for his level 2 Bravura. I asked in LS if we could do Tav, he refused. A bunch of people in our alliance suggested that if we could set up a Tavnazia, that they would go. So I did.

Had 13 people. Run wasn't the greatest; lots of mistakes. We did get PLD body and WAR legs though!

Thano/Seeko did qufim later that night, and I was getting simulatenous updates on the drops/happenings!

Thano/Seeko are crazy! (but I really wanted PUP cape/SCH belt :()

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