Saturday, February 21, 2009

Observant Zekka solo!

I've been trying to go 8/8 on Beadeaux SCNMs, started out with the imp to try and get Piper's Torque too!

Pops behind the Quadav Charm door (yay for less inventory space!) on the lower level, but you'll want to be on the upper level since you will be pulling it and fighting it up there.

There's a couple of little corners close to the spawn where the quadavs won't run to. Pretty much just wait for the qudavs to move away from the imp (so when you claim it and lose sneak, they won't aggro..), then take it back to the little corner. This fight is done straight tank, so you shouldn't be moving from your corner.

It's basically a normal imp with a few twists. You will need echo drops to counter Deafening Tantaras and you Antidotes might be useful to counter Poisonga II(I didn't bring Antidotes though).

Spells it casts: Thunder III, Blizzard III, Fire III, Aero III, Thundaga II, Firaga II, Poisonga II, Choke, Burn, Drain, Sleep, Sleep II, Sleepga 1, Sleepga II.

It doesn't have TP regen.

It has 3 "modes". After it uses Abrasive Tantaras, it will reflect any magic cast on it with an instant cast AM spell of that element. Obviously since there's no dark AM, it chooses to reflect back Sleepga II after you cast Bio. I'm not sure what it would cast if you used a light based spell on it.

The only 3 spells you should be casting on it post Abrasive Tantaras though are Poison II, Bio III, and Slow II. Which means you should only be worrying about Flood, Sleepga II, and Quake.

After it uses Deafening Tantaras, it will counter any weapon skills with Frenetic Rip. This shouldn't apply to you, since you shouldn't be meleeing anyway.

It starts off in a normal mode, where it won't counter weaponskills or magic. It will only counter one kind of action at a time; it won't be in magic and weapon skill countering mode at the same time. So if it uses Abrasive, it will start countering magic. Say 5minutes later, it uses Deafening, now it'll start countering weaponskills only.

I think the difficulty of the fight largely depends on how early it uses Abrasive Tantaras. The first time I did this, it used it at 73%, and it was a huge pain. The second time it used it at 37%, and then did Deafening at 24% (since mobs use TP automatically at 100% when below 25%).

It also does NOT double attack, so it's pretty easy to count shadows.

Fight took me about 50minutes, with minimal nuking (maybe like 6 blizzard IIIs the entire fight)

Random pics!

(You can see quickly it reflects in this SS.)

Here it began casting Sleepga II, and bio was off, so while it was casting, I hit it with another Bio III, and it immediately reflected back with a second sleepga II.

I'm going to try and solo the other 7, but just getting them to a safe location is really challenging. There isn't any super magic lose aggro river in Beadeaux.

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