Friday, February 6, 2009

Hagun ENM solo!

I saw someone else tried this, so I decided to go for it.

It was really, really easy. (radar of course...)

Kite around the huge rock thing in the middle-ish I guess? If you've done this enm before, you should know where I'm talking about it.

I used chainspell at the start. Only took about 4 nukes to get it below 75% (it hides underground every 25%). It also binds you every time it hides, use that time to rest up.

Every time you locate it, it'll open with "Pit Ambush", which strips shadows and does about 500-700damage (300-400 with stoneskin). As soon as I found it, I did Ni>run a little>poison>bio.

I nuked with blizzard for the most part. I used cream puffs+ entered on iceday. Did 646~ blizzard 3s. I didn't get resisted once. I did Aero III twice, when it was at like 53%, and I wanted to force it under really fast.

Finished 10:21. I lucked out kind of, and it hide then repop on me automatically. Scared me, and almost died. It did obviously save a few minutes in looking for it.

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