Monday, February 9, 2009

Just like a circus!

Britney ftw?! Circus is my new song of choice while doing ffxi events!

We did 3 more Sarameyas this past weekend, with a lot more people. It wasn't as great as I wanted it to be; in fact the first run was pretty horrible. We ended up wiping at about 15% or so. It did blaze spikes right as we wiped, so it ended up regening to 100%. Sac'd, and retry. Got it to 9%, but it did Chainspell, and yet again wiped. We did manage to prevent it from regening though, so we recovered and destroyed it.

Terrible fight= amazing drops?

Second fight went pretty smooth; no wipes at all. It was less GoH spammy though. Third fight we ended up wiping at 1%, and had it regen a little, but oh well. 2 more Oracle Robes and a Foolkiller.

I think the problem was the extra people were making us kill it too fast. Like it would howl>hate reset>CS, then mages would be in trouble. The tanks had less control and stuff. Also the extra melees weren't supported that well.

Did Dynamis-Bastok for our recruit day #1. Myuda was absent so of course SCH dropped! I went as PUP for some skill ups, but it was utterly useless. We had like 50 people, and mobs were destroyed so fast. My automaton got 1 hit in, if I was lucky.

Some wootz ore stuff:

Autosorted as soon as it dropped; lucky Cetaut.

Woo, my awesome lot of 2!

Alie/Kazema lotted the exact same 593 on Argute Pants. Unfortunately KC beat them, so I have no idea what would've happened.

Did a random Cogtooth solo the other day. 26 minutes from pull to kill! Unfortunately no drop on the Llwyd's Clogs which are worth 1M.

I don't really know what I'm saving up gil for anymore. There's nothing I have left to buy I think. I mean, I suppose random salvage pieces I have lying around like Marduk Body/Head and Usukane Hands, but meh. Too lazy to do the 25s for them anyway.

I did a merit party on PUP! Was kind of sad when Natsuko passed my PUP up for Krosis' 74 MNK with no merits at all...compared to my fully merited and well geard PUP, but oh well! I did play with it a little later. Here's some damage :

1144 Armor Piercer against a Mammol WHM.

748 Stringing Pummel against a G.Colibri

1306 Armor Piercer against a G.Colibri

1363 Armor Piercer against a Puk(Puk, puk I know!)

While PUP is never going out parse a well equipped 2hander, it's perfectly fine in merits. It's not like you won't get infinite chain if you don't invite a PUP.

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